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The Alberta Federation of Labour’s Litmus Test for Alberta’s Opposition Parties

“Sometimes telling the truth hurts…and it will hurt here.”—Rob Anderson, Wildrose MLA at the Alberta Federation of Labour Conference in response to a question about the legal right to strike* The Alberta Federation of Labour held a two day conference … Continue reading

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A “Two Minute Tory” Spends an Evening with Ted Morton

Ted Morton, the former Finance Minister and unsuccessful PC leadership candidate, was holding court at the Manning Foundation.  He was going to give a speech on how a bunch of lefty carpet baggers (aka the “Two Minute Tories”) hijacked the … Continue reading

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Conrad Black and Danielle Smith

Conrad Black, the Canadian media mogul and convicted felon* was in Calgary last week to have a “conversation” with the Calgary business elite (and me) over lunch at the Calgary Petroleum Club. The big question is why does Baron Black … Continue reading

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Ms Soapbox’s Great Adventure—Off to the Leg (it rhymes with “edge”)

Last week Ms Soapbox was introduced to the Legislative Assembly by Liberal MLA, Laurie Blakeman, the oldest (as in longest-serving, not age!) opposition MLA.  Ms Blakeman noted that Ms Soapbox was a lawyer but said the House wouldn’t hold that … Continue reading

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The Price of Justice in Alberta: One Free Crime

On March 17, 2013, Alison Redford’s PC government broke the back of justice…and none of us saw it coming. Lady Justice, or Justitia, is the personification of the justice system.  Her blindfold symbolizes objectivity, her scales symbolize the balance between … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass

On Apr 23, 2012, the day that Alison Redford’s PC government was re-elected, Albertans fell down a rabbit hole.   On Nov 24, 2012, they crashed through the Looking Glass and their rate of descent is rapidly approaching terminal velocity. What’s … Continue reading

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