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Jason Kenney: When a Dog Whistler Loses Control of the Dogs

Ever wonder what happens when a dog whistler loses control of the dogs?* Jason Kenney is beginning to discover that his supporters are way ahead of him on his “conservative values” ideology and it’s going to be hard to rein … Continue reading

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The Fort McMurray Wildfire: Another Wasted Opportunity for the Wildrose

On May 10, Danielle Larivee, minister of Municipal Affairs, welcomed Wildrose MLAs Brian Jean and Tany Yao back to the Legislature.  They’d been in Fort McMurray surveying the damage from the wildfire. Mr Jean received a standing ovation. He personally … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience the Wildrose Way

For a brief and shining moment we had détente. The NDP government and the Opposition met in the Legislature, engaged in healthy debate and came together to pass a landmark piece of legislation, Bill 1, which bans union and corporate … Continue reading

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The NDP in Power: Week One

The best thing about booting the PCs out of office is the refreshing change the NDP have brought to the Legislature. And if the first week of the 29th Legislative session is any indication, we can expect the next four … Continue reading

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Alison Redford: The Puppet Premier?

On March 17, 2014, following Premier Redford’s tearful introduction of her daughter Sarah to the Legislative Assembly, the ND Opposition leader Brian Mason rose to ask the Premier a critical question:* “I regret having to ask this question, but it … Continue reading

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One Dead Fish or More Big Ideas? The Quality of Debate in Redford’s Government

Premier Redford complains bitterly about the quality of debate in the Legislature; apparently we need more “big ideas” and less “parochial debate”.*  However her Environmental Minister continues to provide fatuous explanations for why it took nineteen days to issue an … Continue reading

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Alison Redford’s Vision for Alberta–“Trust Industry” (gulp)

Brian Mason (NDP) is right.  The only way to find out what’s going on in Alison Redford’s head is to pay to attend a function in her honour. So on Monday night, Mr Soapbox and I were milling about at … Continue reading

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