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Trudeau On Pipelines: Maybe

Last week Justin Trudeau walked into the lion’s den—a boardroom filled with the country’s top oilpatch executives—and got it half right. Luckily he had the good sense to take Premier Notley with him. Mr Trudeau, Ms Notley and Big Oil … Continue reading

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The Globe and Mail Jumps the Shark

We’ve reached that point in the election cycle where the mainstream media peppers us with political endorsements telling us who, in their learned opinion, we should vote for on Oct 19.     Once again the mainstream media does not … Continue reading

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If Not Harper, Then Who?

“I’ve seen issues come up before that get a lot of press attention, and sometimes a photograph or sometimes a side issue can move votes, but I always believe that the big votes are moved on the big issues. I … Continue reading

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Bill C-24: An Exercise in Cognitive Dissonance

“We know Stephen Harper is a dictator in the making, but he’s convinced some people that they’re going to be financially better off under him, which is untrue.”—Margaret Atwood on cognitive dissonance. Bill C – 24 is the epitome of … Continue reading

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A Pop Quiz for Canadian Citizens

Lost in the hoopla over whether Ms Ishaq can take the Oath of Citizenship while wearing a niqab is the fact that she actually passed the citizenship test. Which made Ms Soapbox wonder:  how many Canadians, veiled or unveiled, could … Continue reading

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Santa Gets Citizenship, Zunera Ishaq Does Not

Citizenship is a serious matter, right? That’s why Santa Claus is a Canadian citizen but Zunera Ishaq is not. Or to put it more accurately—that’s why a man covering his face with a fake beard and dressed in a Santa … Continue reading

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Can Lynton Crosby Save Stephen Harper?

Big news this week for the Harper campaign watchers—uber political strategist Lynton Crosby joined the Harper campaign team. Why this is news now and not when Crosby started working with the Harper team in March is a mystery, but never … Continue reading

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