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145 Children Die in Government Care; but 89 Don’t Count

               “WHEREAS the Government of Alberta recognizes that children and youth are our greatest resource…blah blah blah”—Child and Youth Advocate Act  One hundred and forty five children died in government care since 1999.  The government reported 56 deaths.  The rest … Continue reading

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The Redford Government’s Descent into 1984

On Nov 21, 2012* the Redford government took Albertans to the threshold that divides the world of reason and accountability from Orwell’s 1984.  We’re teetering on the brink, trying to hack our way through the double-think, newspeak and historic revisionism … Continue reading

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Is this Premier Redford’s “Bill Clinton” Moment?

Last Wednesday Premier Redford defended herself against the Opposition’s allegation of conflict of interest with this bold statement: “I was not the Justice minister at the time that the government made that decision.”* Some of us are wondering whether Ms … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass

On Apr 23, 2012, the day that Alison Redford’s PC government was re-elected, Albertans fell down a rabbit hole.   On Nov 24, 2012, they crashed through the Looking Glass and their rate of descent is rapidly approaching terminal velocity. What’s … Continue reading

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Did Robocallers Sandbag the Alberta Election?

Before we turn the page on this election, I’d like to say a word about robocalls…I like them. No, the stress of this election has not unhinged my mind; I’m serious.  Robocallers are like people, each with their own unique … Continue reading

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Notwithstanding the “notwithstanding clause”

Alison Redford has been “frightened” and “fearful” for the last 2 weeks.  The cause?  The Wildrose proposal to allow a citizen initiated referendum.   Her fear is overblown. Before I tell you why let me be clear about one thing.  I … Continue reading

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Brian Mason or Joe McCarthy?

All right, that’s it!  The headline in yesterday’s Calgary Herald was Moral issues fire up the parties.  All that’s missing is three exclamation points (!!!) at the end of that sentence and we can decide the outcome of this election … Continue reading

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The Trouble with “Bad Boys”

Today’s topic is busts—Wildrose Party Leader, Danielle Smith’s bus(t) and PC Minister of Education Tom Lukaszuk’s bust (as in “gotcha”). Let’s start with Danielle Smith’s bus.  I’m sure you’ve seen it.  We’ve all seen it.  What strikes me as bizarre … Continue reading

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