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The Tory Airplane Scandal–Excuses, Excuses

“I am optimistic that your review will assist in securing Albertans’ continued confidence in their government and trust in their elected officials.”—Premier Redford’s letter to the Auditor General requesting a review of her compliance with the Travel and Expense policy, … Continue reading

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Bread, Circuses and the Great Alberta Plate Debate

Poor Premier Hancock. Remember him. He tried to pull off the “bread and circuses” gambit—and kicked over a hornet’s nest. The phrase “bread and circuses” was coined the Romans. It refers to the political strategy of distracting the population from … Continue reading

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The Alberta Federation of Labour’s Litmus Test for Alberta’s Opposition Parties

“Sometimes telling the truth hurts…and it will hurt here.”—Rob Anderson, Wildrose MLA at the Alberta Federation of Labour Conference in response to a question about the legal right to strike* The Alberta Federation of Labour held a two day conference … Continue reading

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Mr Hancock’s Cockamamie Apology

“I’m truly sorry that we allowed government to become a distraction from the vital work we’re doing on issues that matter to Albertans.”— Premier Dave Hancock to PC party supporters, May 1, 2014 Bill Clinton apologised for slavery, Tony Blair … Continue reading

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Minister Bhullar’s Revelation: 741 Children Die in Government Care

Last week Human Services Minister Manmeet Bhullar made a shocking announcement—741 children died in government foster homes or other forms of government care since 1999.  This is 13 times higher than the 56 reported by the government in its annual … Continue reading

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Redford and Mandela: Hypocrisy and Hope

The Redford government’s capacity for hypocrisy knows no bounds.  In the same week that Redford’s PC government passed two corrosive pieces of anti-labour legislation, Ms Redford reflected on what she’d learned as a young lawyer working with Nelson Mandela to … Continue reading

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145 Children Die in Government Care; but 89 Don’t Count

               “WHEREAS the Government of Alberta recognizes that children and youth are our greatest resource…blah blah blah”—Child and Youth Advocate Act  One hundred and forty five children died in government care since 1999.  The government reported 56 deaths.  The rest … Continue reading

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