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The 2019 Provincial Election: What it will be about and what it should be about

Last week Ms Soapbox had the pleasure of appearing on a panel with economist Trevor Tombe and naturalist Kevin Van Tighem to discuss our perspectives on the upcoming provincial election.  The event was moderated by Shelley Youngblut and presented by … Continue reading

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It’s Electricity Week…and the Opposition Won’t Stand for it

After the events of this week it’s unclear who the Opposition is standing for. The NDP government announced it was: settling the PPA dispute over the enforceability of the “Enron clause” with Capital Power, TransCanada and AltaGas, leaving Enmax the … Continue reading

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The Fly Report: Why TCPL Sued Obama and the US Government

TransCanada Pipelines (TCPL) just announced it is going to sue the US government for $15 billion under NAFTA and while they’re at it sue President Obama for exceeding his power under the US Constitution. Some lawyers say TCPL has a … Continue reading

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Brian Jean Embarks on Post Truth Politics

“Fact-checking was a great development in accountability journalism…[but] one-off fact-checking is no match for the repeated lie.”     Brian Jean, leader of the Wildrose opposition, published an article in the Calgary Herald last week. It was heavy on the repeated … Continue reading

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The Cowboy Code and the Abuse of Grazing Leases

Alberta ranchers could teach Wall Street moguls a thing or two about leveraging other peoples’ money for personal gain. The Auditor General just released a report showing that Alberta ranchers short changed Albertans about $25 million last year. Furthermore, they’ll … Continue reading

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CNRL Enters the Political Debate

“This is not about sending a message or a shot across the bow.”—Murray Edwards, billionaire oil tycoon Are you kidding me? Murray Edwards’ message couldn’t have been clearer if he’d fired a cannonball with neener neener written on it into … Continue reading

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Fearmongering or Hopemongering? It’s Your Call Alberta

“I think it has deteriorated into groundless name-calling, and it’s certainly not the strategy that I would take.”—Rachel Notley reflecting on comments made by Jim Prentice and Brian Jean To hear Jim Prentice and Brian Jean tell it, Rachel Notley’s … Continue reading

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