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Jason Kenney Was Just Kidding about Peter Lougheed…really?

In 1999 a young Jason Kenney told the National Post that “Klein realized Alberta could no longer afford the neo-Stalinist make-work projects of the Lougheed and Getty years, and he set about to distance himself from them.” This is an … Continue reading

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Who is it going to be: Nenshi or Smith?

This Monday Calgary voters will elect their mayor. The winner will be expected to lead Calgary out of one of the worst economic downturns it has experienced in decades.  So, who is it going to be:  Naheed Nenshi, the confident … Continue reading

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Common Sense?

No one needs policies anymore.  Everything can be decided by using good ol’ common sense. A group calling itself Common Sense Calgary is telling Calgarians that “the same unions that backed the NDP provincially have now endorsed a slate of … Continue reading

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How Do We Talk About the Edmonton Terrorist Attack?

A police officer is stabbed and four people are injured when a man drives a U-Haul into a crowd of pedestrians in Edmonton.  The suspect is identified as 30-year-old Abdulahi Sharif.  An ISIS flag is found in the vehicle. Edmonton’s … Continue reading

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The Politicians are Coming…

Paul Keating said, “Politicians come in three varieties:  straight men, fixers and maddies.” Oh, please let there be a fourth kind of politician–a thoughtful visionary.    Calgarians go to the polls on Oct 16 to elect a mayor and 14 … Continue reading

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How Truth Dies

The UCP leadership race just began and already we’re being asked to choose between two conflicting versions of the truth. Jason Kenney says Brian Jean is a poor financial manager because Jean created a $337,000 deficit in the UCP caucus … Continue reading

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Lessons in Leadership from a Red Tory

Are there any Red Tories left in Alberta? If so they should consider what Kim Campbell has to say about leadership and apply her comments to the men vying for the leadership of the UCP. Kim Campbell was Canada’s 19th … Continue reading

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