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Budget ’23: The Same Old Razzle Dazzle (with sprinkles on top)*

I’m not sure what Trevor Tombe did that caused Danielle Smith to say he was becoming one of her favourite economists, but it certainly wasn’t this. In a recent article about Budget 2023 Tombe said the budget moved Alberta into … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Insurance

While Jason Kenney is running all over the province trying to convince UCP members he’s there for them, the actions of his government in the House last week tell a different story. But before we go there, let’s play a … Continue reading

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Minister Toews and the AUPE: A Shift in the Balance of Power

“Strikes are only one measure of unrest.” Todd Vachon, an assistant professor and director of labor education at Rutgers University. Did you catch it, that shift in the balance of power? Last Wednesday Finance Minister Travis Toews issued a statement … Continue reading

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Mr Toews Advises the Feds on Economic Recovery

The UCP government is nothing if not brazen. Having failed to explain how the UCP government was going to set Alberta on the path to economic recovery Mr Toews, Alberta’s finance minister and treasury board president, decided to lecture the … Continue reading

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The Day of (Fiscal) Reckoning

Jason Kenney’s warning came just prior to the government’s economic update announcement. He said “when we get through all of this there will be a fiscal reckoning”. Reckoning. It has a biblical ring and in this context the implication is … Continue reading

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