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Calgary Flames Arena–Have We Got A Deal For You!!!

To paraphrase Jane Jacobs, the majority of Calgary City Council regard Calgarians as “empty-headed young ladies whose main duties were to see that their nails were clean, their curves properly distributed and their behavior seemly.” These councillors refuse to allow … Continue reading

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A Letter to My Councillor About the Flames Deal

Dear Councillor Woolley, I am a constituent living in your riding.  Thank you for bringing forward a motion to extend the time available for public consultation on the proposed deal with the Calgary Flames.  I am deeply disappointed that the … Continue reading

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Who is it going to be: Nenshi or Smith?

This Monday Calgary voters will elect their mayor. The winner will be expected to lead Calgary out of one of the worst economic downturns it has experienced in decades.  So, who is it going to be:  Naheed Nenshi, the confident … Continue reading

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Common Sense?

No one needs policies anymore.  Everything can be decided by using good ol’ common sense. A group calling itself Common Sense Calgary is telling Calgarians that “the same unions that backed the NDP provincially have now endorsed a slate of … Continue reading

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Who Let the Monsters Out?

To paraphrase Mayor Nenshi, we must never forget how easy it is for a narcissist with a microphone to open the closet door and let the monsters out. Donald Trump, a woefully inexperienced blowhard, defeated Hillary Clinton by legitimizing attacks … Continue reading

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Premier Prentice Fast Tracks Flood Mitigation

It started with another “feel good” press release. On Wed Sept 24, 2014, Premier Prentice announced that he was proceeding with two flood mitigation projects. He’ll divert the Highwood River to protect High River and create a dry reservoir in … Continue reading

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Congratulations Mayor Nenshi!

John Macfarlane, editor of The Walrus,* asks the question:  When did society turn against its best and brightest and more importantly, why?  He was bemoaning the fact that Torontonians had elected Rob Ford—a man he described as wearing “his ignorance … Continue reading

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