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What Happens to the Eloi When the Morlocks Leave Town: A Lesson for Jim Prentice from H.G. Wells

    “History is a race between education and catastrophe.” — H G Wells HG Wells may not have had a time machine, but he was certainly prescient. In The Time Machine the narrator, known simply as the Traveller, invents a … Continue reading

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Alberta’s Climate Change Strategy Goes Up in Smoke

Alberta’s Auditor General blew a gasket. He called the government’s performance on climate change strategy “troubling” and “disturbing”. Hey, he’s a mild mannered accountant; this is as in-your-face as he gets. Mr Saher kicked off the July 2014 audit report … Continue reading

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Ric McIver Stumbles…the PC Party Falls

“Closed-mindedness or intolerance have no place in the PC [party].” —The PC party’s response to Ric McIver’s participation in the March for Jesus led by anti-gay pastor Artur Pawlowski. Instead of belabouring Ric McIver’s pathetic too-little, too-late apology for participating … Continue reading

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Round One! Thomas Lukaszuk!

“Diamond” Jim Prentice (don’t you just love the “Brian Masonism”) adopted a “nobody moves, nobody gets hurt” strategy for his leadership campaign…and it works for the 99% of his election platform. There will be no change to the energy policy … Continue reading

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Jim Prentice: A Risk-averse Banker Meets the Black Swan

Two energy company executives made a wager. The one who bet that Jim Prentice would never give up $3 million a year in exchange for power lost. True story. On May 16, 2014, Mr Prentice entered the Progressive Conservative leadership … Continue reading

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The Premier’s Penthouse

“We run a $40 billion corporation that matters an awful lot to the people of Alberta and the economy of this country”—former Premier Redford in the Legislature, March 4, 2014 Excuse me??? The “government” is not a “corporation”, its premier … Continue reading

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Where are the Ethical Lawyers?

In the last three months Albertans have witnessed a shocking display of raw power.  The Redford government calls it “delivering the responsible change Albertans voted for.”  The rest of us call it the abuse of majority power to crush the … Continue reading

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Why Ms Redford will be Confirmed as PC Leader: The Wikipedia Factor

The pundits say Ms Redford will be confirmed as PC party leader.  They’re right, but not for the reasons they think.  Here’s why: The party cannot endure another leadership campaign.  True, the skirmish between PC leadership candidates (he’s an idiot, … Continue reading

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Campus Alberta: Converting Universities into Trade Schools

I like engineers but this is ridiculous (and I’m not talking about Supercow, the U of C engineering mascot). The PC government just invested $142.5 million to expand the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary while at … Continue reading

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“Campus Alberta”: Soviet Style Research and Development Comes to Alberta

Sigh…where to start?  The barrage of bad news spewing out of the Premier’s office has been so intense that the government’s Machiavellian takeover of post secondary institutions and research and development slipped by with relatively little public outcry. Sure, some … Continue reading

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