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Where are the Ethical Lawyers?

In the last three months Albertans have witnessed a shocking display of raw power.  The Redford government calls it “delivering the responsible change Albertans voted for.”  The rest of us call it the abuse of majority power to crush the … Continue reading

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Redford and Mandela: Hypocrisy and Hope (Part 2)

“He would continually bring people back to the table.  That was his greatest strength”—Ms Redford on Nelson Mandela* Sadly, Ms Redford never learned how to bring “people back to the table” here in Alberta.  So she resorted to the meat … Continue reading

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Strike While the Iron is Hot: The Edmonton Remand Centre Labour Dispute

For years I’ve wondered whether unions had outlived their usefulness and were simply using their collective bargaining power to crank up wages and benefits at the expense of…well…who knows what.  But the wildcat strike arising out of the Edmonton Remand … Continue reading

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And Now…A Message from your Premier-In-Waiting: Mr Lukaszuk

We interrupt our regular programming—the PC spin on the cause of the $4 billion budget shortfall—to bring you an important public service announcement from the Premier-In-Waiting, Mr Lukaszuk. Mr Lukaszuk steps up to the microphone and says:    Listen up you … Continue reading

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