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If Not Harper, Then Who?

“I’ve seen issues come up before that get a lot of press attention, and sometimes a photograph or sometimes a side issue can move votes, but I always believe that the big votes are moved on the big issues. I … Continue reading

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The Auditor General’s Report: Alberta’s “Enron” Moment

God bless Merwan Saher, Alberta’s Auditor General!  He grabbed the government by the scruff of the neck and gave it a shake for dragging us into the abyss of “Enron” accounting.  Sadly, the government refuses to budge and opaque financial … Continue reading

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Transparency…it’s all in the eyes of the beholder

Transparency—it’s a wonderful concept.  But in order to be meaningful it must be applied across the board. Sorry, I got ahead of myself.  I’m talking about Premier Redford’s decision to implement the “toughest and most transparent”* expenditure rules in all … Continue reading

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Alison Redford’s Fall From Grace

Alison Redford’s political career started with such promise.  She differentiated herself from her running mates in the PC leadership race with a clarion call for authentic leadership (openness, accountability and transparency).  However today she hit a (yet another) sour note … Continue reading

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Jason Kenny’s Bozo Eruption & the Edelman Trust Barometer

Jason Kenny’s bozo eruption just dropped Harper’s Conservative government down another notch on the Edelman Trust Barometer*—not because he called Alberta’s deputy premier, Tom Lukaszuk, “a complete and utter asshole”  but because he refused to build a relationship with a … Continue reading

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Redford’s Throne Speech: Deja Vu All Over Again

At last, we have the Throne Speech setting out Redford’s agenda.  It was eagerly anticipated by all (okay by some…well maybe a few) and finally it’s here for all of us (okay, a few of us) to dissect and discover … Continue reading

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Allison Redford’s New Years Resolutions

The only thing more irritating than your own New Year’s resolutions are those made for you by someone else.  Nevertheless, I’ve created 10 New Year’s resolutions for Alison Redford.  Hey, she’s busy preparing for the spring election, I’m sure she’ll … Continue reading

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