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Why Ms Redford will be Confirmed as PC Leader: The Wikipedia Factor

The pundits say Ms Redford will be confirmed as PC party leader.  They’re right, but not for the reasons they think.  Here’s why: The party cannot endure another leadership campaign.  True, the skirmish between PC leadership candidates (he’s an idiot, … Continue reading

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Campus Alberta: Converting Universities into Trade Schools

I like engineers but this is ridiculous (and I’m not talking about Supercow, the U of C engineering mascot). The PC government just invested $142.5 million to expand the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary while at … Continue reading

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“Campus Alberta”: Soviet Style Research and Development Comes to Alberta

Sigh…where to start?  The barrage of bad news spewing out of the Premier’s office has been so intense that the government’s Machiavellian takeover of post secondary institutions and research and development slipped by with relatively little public outcry. Sure, some … Continue reading

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Strike While the Iron is Hot: The Edmonton Remand Centre Labour Dispute

For years I’ve wondered whether unions had outlived their usefulness and were simply using their collective bargaining power to crank up wages and benefits at the expense of…well…who knows what.  But the wildcat strike arising out of the Edmonton Remand … Continue reading

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And Now…A Message from your Premier-In-Waiting: Mr Lukaszuk

We interrupt our regular programming—the PC spin on the cause of the $4 billion budget shortfall—to bring you an important public service announcement from the Premier-In-Waiting, Mr Lukaszuk. Mr Lukaszuk steps up to the microphone and says:    Listen up you … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass

On Apr 23, 2012, the day that Alison Redford’s PC government was re-elected, Albertans fell down a rabbit hole.   On Nov 24, 2012, they crashed through the Looking Glass and their rate of descent is rapidly approaching terminal velocity. What’s … Continue reading

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Bilderberg? Illegal Political Contributions? What??

Is it just me or did things become even less transparent after Alison Redford swept back into power as premier of Alberta?  First we have the Premier’s participation in the “by invitation only” Bilderberg meetings in Virginia.  The Bilderberg is … Continue reading

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