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Notley’s Royalty Review

Rachel Notley is driving Brian Jean and Ric McIver crazy. Every time they think they’ve backed her into a corner on the energy file she comes out with a creative and pragmatic solution which has the industry’s backing. What’s the … Continue reading

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CNRL Enters the Political Debate

“This is not about sending a message or a shot across the bow.”—Murray Edwards, billionaire oil tycoon Are you kidding me? Murray Edwards’ message couldn’t have been clearer if he’d fired a cannonball with neener neener written on it into … Continue reading

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Fearmongering or Hopemongering? It’s Your Call Alberta

“I think it has deteriorated into groundless name-calling, and it’s certainly not the strategy that I would take.”—Rachel Notley reflecting on comments made by Jim Prentice and Brian Jean To hear Jim Prentice and Brian Jean tell it, Rachel Notley’s … Continue reading

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