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Unsolicited Advice from A Conservative Pundit

This week Preston Manning, former leader of the Reform Party, offered some advice to the yet to be formed United Conservative Party (or whatever it’s going to call itself after the Wildrose and the Progressive Conservatives merge). A vision of … Continue reading

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5-5-15: Small “c” Conservatives Exposed

On May 5, 2015, NDP leader Rachel Notley brought the Progressive Conservative dynasty to its knees. Many Albertans, including Ms Soapbox, are over the moon. Others who voted for one of the two conservative parties are wandering around like Li’l … Continue reading

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Six Political Personalities: Which One is Jim Prentice?

The only thing worse than a political strategist spouting theories on how to beat the competition is a blogger discussing a political strategist’s theories on how to beat the competition. But Ms Soapbox is going to do it anyway because … Continue reading

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A “Two Minute Tory” Spends an Evening with Ted Morton

Ted Morton, the former Finance Minister and unsuccessful PC leadership candidate, was holding court at the Manning Foundation.  He was going to give a speech on how a bunch of lefty carpet baggers (aka the “Two Minute Tories”) hijacked the … Continue reading

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