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Hello Ottawa!

Ms Soapbox is on her way to Ottawa.  There’s a good chance she’s in the air right now squashed into a tiny little seat trying to figure out why her WestJet onboard entertainment app isn’t working (luckily, she’s brought along … Continue reading

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Question Period? Really?

How much longer do we have to put up with this nonsense? The Alberta Legislature has been in session for eight days and the UCP is using Question Period to test-drive political slogans. Ms Soapbox’s personal favourite is the UCP’s … Continue reading

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Debt is debt, except when it’s hope

Sometimes Question Period is downright funny.  Witness this exchange on the provincial debt between Opposition Leader Danielle Smith and Premier Redford.* Ms Smith: In Medicine Hat earlier this month the Premier said this about debt: it’s not debt; it’s hope. … Continue reading

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Ms Soapbox’s Great Adventure—Off to the Leg (it rhymes with “edge”)

Last week Ms Soapbox was introduced to the Legislative Assembly by Liberal MLA, Laurie Blakeman, the oldest (as in longest-serving, not age!) opposition MLA.  Ms Blakeman noted that Ms Soapbox was a lawyer but said the House wouldn’t hold that … Continue reading

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