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Shandro’s Disciplinary Hearing

The “boiling frog syndrome” is a metaphor used to describe the failure to act against a problematic situation which will increase in severity until reaching catastrophic proportions.—Wikipedia.   Let’s talk about Tyler Shandro’s disciplinary hearing. While it’s easy to get … Continue reading

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Ezra Levant: Once a lawyer always a lawyer?

Ms Soapbox is grateful to Ezra Levant (and that’s not an easy thing to say). Thanks to Ezra she’s discovered that journalism is not a profession (actually she suspected it all along); she’s also learned that “once a lawyer always … Continue reading

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Time to get Militant with your Doctor and the College of Physicians and Surgeons

Ms Soapbox has been in a quandary all week.  She was troubled by what she’d observed at the meeting of the College of Physicians and Surgeons governing council.  Finally the penny dropped.  The College is deadlocked and incapable of living … Continue reading

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