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Ezra Levant: Once a lawyer always a lawyer?

Ms Soapbox is grateful to Ezra Levant (and that’s not an easy thing to say). Thanks to Ezra she’s discovered that journalism is not a profession (actually she suspected it all along); she’s also learned that “once a lawyer always … Continue reading

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Journalism Redefined

It’s been a disturbing week. Ezra Levant, who swore under oath that he was not a reporter, sued the NDP government for refusing to let him attend (and report, presumably) on government media events.  Established journalists fell all over themselves … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Ezra Levant…

Ezra Levant is a Canadian media personality, an ultra-conservative political activist, author and lawyer who has made a brilliant career out of being half right.  In a recent episode of The Source, Mr Levant outlined the flaws in Neil Young’s … Continue reading

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