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Kenney: Rights and Responsibilities During a Pandemic

Last week when Alberta’s covid infection rate spiked to record highs, the positive-test rate climbed to 10.5%, and doctors across the province begged for more restrictive public health measures to avoid the refrigerator trucks, Mr Kenney appeared on Facebook to … Continue reading

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The Ignominy of Kenney’s Bill 1

 As Albertans flooded into the streets to join the hundreds of thousands of people around the world protesting systemic racism and police brutality, some of us worried about the UCP government’s move to limit our right to engage in peaceful … Continue reading

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The Notwithstanding Clause: A Gift from Doug Ford to Jason Kenney

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words. Last week Doug Ford went straight to the nuclear option when a judge told him no Doug, you can’t downsize Toronto city council in the middle of a municipal election just because you feel … Continue reading

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Viola Desmond: The Perfect Choice

Viola Desmond is the first Canadian woman to be featured on our bank notes. We know the outline of her story—Ms Desmond was arrested, jailed and convicted for refusing to leave the whites-only section of a movie theatre.  Her story … Continue reading

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