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Top Ten Reasons Why Jim Prentice’s “Term Limited” Government is a Bad Idea

Politicians are not tins of spork. The good ones don’t go bad just because they’ve been sitting around for a while. Of all of the things that PC party leadership candidate Jim Prentice could have done to restore Albertans’ trust … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton was in Calgary last week to give the keynote address at a breakfast meeting of 2500 Calgarians who paid about $500 to hear her speak.  Luckily my friend, the Zen Banker, invited me to attend as her … Continue reading

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“I Am A Canadian” (Reader Discretion is Advised)

The Soapbox does not publish rants that appear uninvited in one’s inbox but this one raises some interesting questions for the 2015 federal election.  Here it is: I AM A CANADIAN I am in the minority in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto … Continue reading

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Dinner with Justin Trudeau: Gimmick or Doing Politics Differently?

“Have dinner with me, Susan.”  What a charming invitation.  Too bad it’s part of a fundraising campaign directed at 300,000 supporters of the federal Liberal party. But wait…let’s think about this for a moment.  For a $5.00 donation, Ms Soapbox … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Political Corruption

Aurelio Zen is a Venetian policeman headquartered in Rome.  His reputation for integrity is a serious handicap to promotion within a treacherous political environment.  His creator, Michael Dibdin, uses the Zen series to illustrate the inequity of a corrupt society … Continue reading

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There’s something about Justin…

Justin Trudeau is like litmus paper.  Mention his name at a dinner party and the conversation erupts as people declare themselves to be in the “pro” and “anti” camps.  The “anti” camp (usually men) roll their eyes and complain that … Continue reading

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A Distant View

Gold mining and politics have one thing in common.  Sometimes it’s best to take a distant view of the field and look for patterns that might indicate a rich vein.  We’re down to the final days of the PC leadership … Continue reading

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