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Jason Kenney: Alberta’s Very Own Music Man

Like the Music Man, Jason Kenney blew into town with a message:  We’ve got trouble folks!  Trouble with a capital “T” that rhymes with “P” and that stands for “Progressive!” The Music Man says we don’t need no “accidental government” … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons Why Jim Prentice’s “Term Limited” Government is a Bad Idea

Politicians are not tins of spork. The good ones don’t go bad just because they’ve been sitting around for a while. Of all of the things that PC party leadership candidate Jim Prentice could have done to restore Albertans’ trust … Continue reading

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Jim Prentice Fails the “Truthiness” Test (apologies to Stephen Colbert)

If Jim Prentice is going to wade into the murky waters of “truthiness” the least he could do is do it properly, otherwise the whole thing becomes a farce.        “Truthiness” is a term coined by political satirist/comic Stephen Colbert to … Continue reading

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