Jason Kenney and the Pope

Is there a limitation period after which we can safely disregard a politician’s scary comments?

In 2000 Jason Kenney, then a 32 year old federal MP, gave a disturbing speech* at the St Joseph’s Community Catholic Home School Conference.  It’s disturbing because it foreshadows how Kenney will govern if he becomes Alberta’s next premier.

Brace yourselves.

The call to battle

Kenney starts by explaining how he was called to the Catholic Church at the tender age of 22.  He knew he had fight in “the Culture Wars”, an epic battle between “the culture of life” and “the culture of death” described by Pope John Paul II in the Evangelium Vitae as the moral decline caused by the legalization of contraception, abortion and euthanasian.

Kenney went to university in San Francisco—a place he says is also known as “Babylon by the Bay” or “Sodom by the Sea”—so he could better understand the forces of evil which were undermining the sanctity of human life, the sanctity of the family and the roots of order and civility in modern society.


The man who fought the “culture of death”

He boasts about becoming the president of the pro-life society and helping to overturn the first gay spousal law in North America (thereby preventing gay men from being with their partners dying of AIDS).  The battle brought him closer to the heart of the Church.

Kenney says he resisted the call to the “political vocation” because he thought politics was intrinsically evil but changed his mind when he read what the Pope said in paragraph 64 of the Evangelium Vitae (it’s actually paragraph 90) which encourages the faithful to enter politics as an act of charity and fight for the “gospel of life.” Kenney says he felt like he’d been struck by lightning (did you catch the allusion to St Paul’s experience while on the road to Damascus) because he’d never thought of politics that way.  He ran as a federal MP in 1997 and everything that’s happened since then, including his role as co-chairman on the Parliamentary Pro-Life caucus, confirmed he was heading in the right direction.

Within a year of becoming an MP Kenney experienced first hand what the Pope described as international forces working at the heart of the UN to attack the sanctity of life and the “centrality of the nuclear family” by supporting a universal right to abortion, undermining parental authority and creating “perverse” anti-rights.  This “juggernaut” pushed the “culture of death” at UN Conventions like the Cairo Conference on Population and Development, the Beijing Conference on Women, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Habitat Convention on Housing (housing?).

Kenney said he wasn’t disposed to accept “anything that smacks of conspiracy theory” until he discovered the juggernaut’s agenda was funded by International Planned Parenthood, UNICEF, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trust.

The Liberal government refused to send Kenney to the UN Convention in New York and he attended as an observer on his own dime by assuming a fake identity, that of a Mormon law prof because as he disingenuously explained, that was the only way he could get in.

He was shocked by the Canadian delegation which aggressively pushed an anti-family agenda and warned the audience this would lead to disastrous laws like the effort to criminalize “the reasonable use of force in disciplining children.”

Kenney encouraged the audience to fight this pernicious international agenda and accept the Pope’s call to engage in political action and become a light in this time of great darkness.

A pro-life politician would….

Kenney said under our parliamentary system 100% of the power flows through the prime minister’s or premier’s office.  A pro-life prime minister could appoint a pro-life Minister of External Affairs to send a pro-life delegation to UN Conferences and fight against the international right to abortion.  A pro-life, pro-family Justice Minister could appoint judges who’d interpret the Constitution narrowly and refrain from expanding human rights and freedoms.

He used the example of Stockwell Day to illustrate what a pro-life premier could do, noting that he and Day fought to end taxpayer funded abortions and gay adoptions.  Day also tried to protect traditional marriage by invoking the notwithstanding clause to stop same-sex marriage and to protect employers from the Vriend decision which prevents employers from firing employees because they’re gay.

Kenney closed his speech with a story about the time he was trying to get charitable status for a group advocating for chastity before marriage and a reporter asked him whether he practiced abstinence.  Kenney said the question was indiscrete and not relevant to his political duties.  The next day a newspaper headline blared “no sex please, we’re reformers.”  Kenney offered this story as a humorous anecdote about “a little crucifixion that some of us face.”  (Who but Jason Kenney would describe any experience, let alone this one, as “a little crucifixion”?)

Moral law vs civil law

In Evangelium Vitae Pope John Paul II sets out what a politician must do to ensure “the culture of life” defeats “the culture of death”.

The Pope starts with the premise that every human being has a right to life and Christians must promote and defend this right.  Contraception leads to immorality so it’s wrong right off the bat.

The Pope runs into a snag when he gets to abortion and euthanasia because the scriptures do not contain any “direct and explicit calls to protect human life at its very beginning, specifically life not yet born, and life nearing its end” (some of us might find that probative given that the scriptures are full of rules about what we can do and can not do) but never mind, the Pope says this can be “easily explained”; apparently the idea of abortion and euthanasia was completely foreign to the people who were around when the scriptures were written (they were “not touched by such temptations”) so the Pope fills in the blanks by reconfirming that abortion and euthanasia are a sin and no authority can allow or permit it.  Period.

Since abortion and euthanasia are crimes, not rights, the State cannot legally recognize them or “make them available through the free services of health-care personnel”.

Furthermore, the right to life cannot be questioned or denied by “parliamentary vote or the will of one part of the people—even if it is the majority” because the right to life is a moral law which trumps civil law and it’s a moral duty and a basic human right to refuse to take part in any injustice.

This is where Kenney the politician comes in.

The Pope says if a pro-abortion law has been passed and it’s impossible to overturn or completely abrogate, an elected official who’s made his opposition to the pro-abortion law known can support proposals that limit the harm done by such a law because this is a “legitimate and proper attempt to limit its evil aspects.”

Got that?

The Pope says it’s a moral law that abortion and euthanasia are evil.  Moral law trumps civil law.  Civil laws that are impossible to overturn or abrogate (like the decriminalization of abortion and medically assisted dying which flow from federal not provincial law) must be gutted by provincial politicians who can limit access to abortion and medically assisted dying by defunding such programs.  Anyone who engages in this behavior has the Pope’s blessing.

Is Kenney really going to defund abortions and medically assisted dying?

You bet he will.  Kenney accepted the Pope’s call to battle in the Culture Wars decades ago, the Culture Wars are still raging as we learned when Kenney and his caucus boycotted the debate on expanding the bubble zone around abortion clinics.

Albertans may think this election is about which candidate is best able to “fix the economy”, but it’s really about which candidate will implement civil laws that respect the will of the people and which candidate will implement “moral laws” dictated from on high.

One can only hope Albertans will choose wisely.

* Jason Kenney’s Speech

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40 Responses to Jason Kenney and the Pope

  1. Paul Pearlman says:

    Kenney was running on I am the only one who can fix the economy!! I guess he can’t really figure it out so now he’s running on 1950’s morality.The government should be taking this crap to the young voters who are living in the 2019 world and show that they are also in the present.His thinking makes this senior want to cry!! Politics and religion not cool Never a Kenney voter

    • Paul I’m with you 100% on this. According to the Herald the only election that turned on the abortion issue was in 1993 when Laurence Decore admitted that he opposed abortion. Klein jumped on the comment and said abortion was a matter between a woman, her doctor and God and with that Decore lost.
      Kenney tries to give the impression that he’ll leave the abortion issue alone by saying the law is settled on the matter. That’s true, but that doesn’t mean Kenney can’t quietly defund public abortion clinics. Lack of access or extremely long wait times would have the same effect as making abortions illegal.

  2. ed henderson says:

    I do not live in Kenny’s riding. I do not admire the guy nor do I want to know him. Some of the things he says make me want to puke. But what he said 20 years ago is not something i pay attention to. If he expressed opposition to abortion today I would believe he is against abortion and I would dislike and disrespect him even more. I do not think he would like me anymore than I care for him because I am reasonably intelligent and open minded.
    I have looked at the candidates running in my riding..there is only one who has put his present beliefs up for public view. That candidate is running under the UCP party banner.
    At the present time it is my intention to vote for him. If he gets elected and the UCP wins a majority, I believe he will at least try to do the right thing and speak up instead of just following the direction of some twit.
    My present MLA is NDP and also makes me want to puke. He is useless and does exactly what his party tells him to do, sort of like a piece of nothing. I guessed that before the last election and did not vote for him.

    • Alfredo Louro says:

      You can’t seriously think the UCP candidate will contradict Kenney in any way. When Bill 9 expanding safe zones around abortion clinics came up for a vote, the entire UCP caucus got up and left. And you must know that anti-choice groups in Alberta have embedded a large number of UCP candidates, and have boasted about it. Of course a vote for the UCP is a vote for Jason Kenney and the caucus will do exactly what he tells them to do. Don’t kid yourself.

    • Neil Fleming says:

      Wow Ed, sorry to hear you are having such stomach problems.
      I think Mr. Kenny made it quite clear that he still opposes abortion by refusing to allow his caucus to remain in the legislature to debate the abortion, bubble zone bill. Makes me wonder what success your candidate will have in expressing his views in caucus.
      I watched much of the video which finally gave me the explanation of why Jason has worked so hard to be where he is. His agenda is quite clear, his “moral” compass compels him to fight abortion and medical assistance in dying (the culture of death) apparently with the pope’s blessing.
      One thing I have learned as I approach my later years in life is that people don’t change. I don’t believe Mr Kenney is any exception. Surely you can find someone else to vote for that won’t give you such gastric upset.

      • Neil, you nailed it. Kenney does indeed have a moral compass that compels him to fight abortion and MAID. This would be fine we were electing a pope and not a premier on Apr 16. It amazes me how many people don’t find this deeply troubling.

    • carlosbeca says:

      And you really believe that your MLA is going to do what he thinks or believes? He will be implementing whatever Jason Kenney wants period.
      Your vote for UCP is a vote for his amoral standings and he is the one that counts.

      • Carlos, I too believe the UCP MLAs will vote exactly how Jason Kenney tells them to vote. Kenney ripped up the Grassroots Guarantee right after the UCP policy convention so that tells me the party has no power over him. Once he became leader of the UCP he shamelessly used his MLAs to sing his praises and attack his opponents in their members statements. Given what we now know about the Kamakaze Candidate this appears to be his modus operandi.

    • Bob Raynard says:

      It sounds like you aren’t really fussy for either party, Ed. Have you considered the Alberta Party?

      • Bob that’s a good point. Sometimes we forget there are other capable candidates in this race. I’d rather see a vote go to a good AP or Liberal candidate than the UCP.

      • Jerrymacgp says:

        I’ve looked at the Alberta Party, and I don’t support their programme; it’s pretty conservative. But, they’re not raving so-cons, and I do think you can cast a vote for them without feeling like you need to take a shower afterwards. Same applies to the hapless Liberals, except they couldn’t even rustle up candidates in more than half the ridings, so they have no possibility of forming government.

    • Ed, Kenney has never changed his position on abortion. The Campaign Life Coalition rates all federal MPs. It said Kenney “had a 100%, perfect voting record on life & family issues throughout his long career in the House of Commons. The one blemish on his record during that time was in 2016 when he applauded an LGBTory resolution to delete the long-standing Conservative Party policy that supported the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman”. Life and family issues is pro-life talk for being against abortion, same sex unions, and euthansia.
      I don’t believe any UCP MLA will have the freedom to vote their conscience unless their conscience coincides with Kenney’s conscience as illustrated by his federal voting record. ie. anti-abortion and anti-medically assisted dying.

  3. Keith McClary says:

    “people don’t change”
    Hey, Kenney supported the Harper Government’s Equalisation Payments formula, and now he has changed.

    • Keith, that’s true…his explanation for the flip flop was those were different times. The only difference I can think of is back then he was a federal MP with bigger things on his mind than the “unfair” equalisation formula, but now he’s a provincial MLA digging around for someone of something to label as “the enemy”. Funny how that works.

  4. J.E. Molnar says:

    When controversy surrounds Jason Kenney, he, his minions and his right-wing media lickspittles resort to a myriad of psychological techniques to diffuse the calamity and mitigate any short-term damage — all designed to mess with your head.

    He/they deny culpability, dismiss facts and ignore witness testimony — no matter what your lying eyes and ears may have seen or heard. He/they respond with: “He didn’t know about it.” “That was a long time ago — he’s evolved.” Or “He didn’t say that. And if he did, he didn’t mean that. And if he did, you didn’t understand it. And if you did, it was taken out of context. And if it wasn’t, it’s not a big deal. And if it is, someone else said something worse.” And my favourite: “That’s just sour grapes.”

    If that sounds like the Jason Kenney you’ve come to know and despise under the recent cloud of ongoing United Conservative investigations and political chicanery — welcome to Alberta’s new world of political ‘GASLIGHTING.’ (Donald Trump would no doubt, be proud.)

    • J.E. in Timothy Snyder’s book “The Road to Unfreedom” he discusses how Putin uses this technique to create doubt in the citizens so they can be more easily managed and directed. As you said Trump is a master at it, and sad to say, so is Kenney. I just wish people would ask him to explain what he means when he’s talking about social issues. He says he won’t change the abortion laws, well of course not, it’s a federal law and can’t be changed by a provincial government, but he can certainly make it difficult to procure an abortion by imposing a requirement to get 3 doctors to sign off, etc and cutting funding to slow down access. A politician can do anything he wants as long as he keeps people in the dark.

  5. Carlos Beca says:

    ‘Kenney says he felt like he’d been struck by lightening (did you catch the allusion to St Paul’s experience while on the road to Damascus) because he’d never thought of politics that way.’

    Well he was struck by lightening alright. He saw the light, burned his brain and he never recovered.
    His friend John Carpay must have been hit twice because he is insane.

    Jason Kenney is proud of having stopped gay men from providing comfort to their dying partners. The reason is because he cannot love anything other than his own ego.

    To top up his accomplishments he claims to defend moral law. The same moral law that he learned in the same Universities that prepare pedophiles to be shipped around the world to sexually chase young defenseless children. What it has been found so far is just the tip of the iceberg.
    It is astounding to me that Albertans are even considering giving this man the steering wheel of their province.

    • Carlos, I’ve always wondered about how people who call themselves good Christians can turn a blind eye to abuses their church perpetrates on others. Leaving aside the sexual predator example you give (which is very valid) people like Dr. Dieter Ehrhardt who works with the UN Family Planning group said Pope John Paul II efforts to stop access to contraception and encourage population growth are estimated to have caused 30 to 40 million deaths due to starvation around the world. That’s hardly something to be proud of. The Pope was well aware that no contraception or abortion means population growth and told Christians to step in with charity to help populations at risk of starvation. But they didn’t, did they. This reminds me of the UCP statement that they can afford to address social issues after they fix the economy. In other words, these people can wait.

      • Carlos Beca says:

        This all Pope stuff is so bizarre to me that I do not even know what to say anymore
        In Africa that I know well people now vaccinate children to stop them from dying at young age, just to then allow them to die of hunger or lack of any hope later on.
        Wonderful – apparently when they get older they just do not matter as much.

  6. Mary Joyce says:

    Peculiar that Kenney’s followers don’t ask him outright where are his seven children and their mother, his wife? This is the behaviour required of followers of the head of the Catholic Church. Well, perhaps fewer than seven, certainly more than two!

    If what some contend, that he is gay, he is in a psychologically compromised position, attacking a group that he perhaps is actually part of. Perhaps he hates a part of himself he does not want to admit exists. I would not wish this situation on my worst enemy. Certainly would not wish such a twisted psychology to be applied anywhere beyond the tiny circle of his own person. Canadians are so polite that no one wishes to disturb someone who clearly desires to remain in the closet. But this is a case where doing unto others as you are having them do unto you is not being followed. Perhaps the pope would like to speak about the evils of hypocrisy? Certainly Albertans need to take action now to defend all of us against further imposition of neo-liberalism in the name of obedience to mysogynist, anti-human papist doctrines.


    • Carlos Beca says:

      Interesting that you mention Jason Kenney to be gay. It seems everyone in Ontario knows this except Jason Kenney himself. It almost sounds like President Clinton and his ‘I did not have sex with this woman…’

    • Mary and Carlos, I have no idea about Kenney’s sex life and frankly don’t want to know. As he said when he was asked about abstinence, the question is indiscreet. I just wish he’d follow his own advice and realize that it’s indiscreet of him to poke around in other people’s sex lives. As Pierre Eliot Trudeau said in 1997 (1997 for God’s sake!) “There is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation”.

      • Lars says:

        PET did indeed say that, but he did so a bit earlier than 1997, I think.

      • Jerrymacgp says:

        Actually, he said it way back in 1968, when as Minister of Justice & Attorney General in the Pearson Government, he introduced amendments to the Criminal Code decriminalizing gay sex between consenting adults, among other things.

  7. Elaine Fleming says:

    Listening to this speech I don’t believe Kenney holds any religious beliefs per se, other than believing in himself, but from how he talks about his “Eureka” moment with Catholicism it is obvious he saw a route to power using the church. His whole speech is a construct for the audience. He is very, very clever- no question about that.

    But in that one glimpse of his self-glory, where he is smiling off into the distance, preening, and savouring his infliction of suffering on the dying AIDS victims of San Francisco- I couldn’t help but imagine there must have been more than one very uncomfortable, maybe shocked, home-schooling parent in that audience. That unabashed evil showing through his heart pretty much revealed he hadn’t exactly absorbed the message of “love and mercy” from Christ’s teachings. He is just using bits from Catholicism for his own purposes. Case in point, his references to the Holy Father sending him “messages” that practicing politics is really a charitable act. He didn’t say whether the Pope came to him in a dream, or whether the angels came, or what. If you look really hard you can almost see him conjuring up a halo.

    When we try to gauge the character of a person, particularly around trustworthiness we look for consistencies. Particularly between word and deed. Little children do this instinctively- it’s how they learn about truth, and trust and what/who is safe and unsafe. They are blank slates, open and uncorrupted- and the first to notice incongruities. Then there are teenagers. Nothing drives them more nuts than hypocrisy. Somehow after that as we age we allow ourselves to be massaged into accepting inconsistencies, justifying them or rationalizing them. Black is white. UNICEF is evil, Pay no attention to the conjurer behind the curtain.

    There is the other major illuminating inconsistency about Jason Kenney that he tries to make light of-unsatisfactorily- at the end of his speech. Thereby, if he really believes in the sanctity of the family, why doesn’t he have one? It’s the biggest elephant in the room that no one ever talks about. Again, the conjurer’s most fundamental trick- “Hey, look over here”! Why is everyone afraid to go there?
    People naturally think “Well, maybe he’s gay,” but then their brain gets bent into a pretzel because he is so anti-gay in everything he says and does. (That’s one for a Freudian shrink to work out.) He knows snowflake types like us aren’t going to harass him on this, and his cult followers will see what they want to see.

    The little kid in me though, is seeing a big bad man who would hurt a lot of people if he got the chance.

    • Elaine, this was a powerful comment. One thing I see when I look at Kenney is a slippery politician who has learned over time not to say too much, that way his followers will see what they want to see and the rest of us give him the benefit of the doubt when we fill in the blanks. I heard a commentator on a political panel say Alberta was not going to become a Handmaid’s Tale Apocolypse because Kenney would never cut funding for abortions. The commentator had nothing to base that on but by saying it she made the audience feel better. I think we’re kidding ourselves when we progressives fill in the blanks this way. We have Kenney’s past record which right up to the time he left federal politics was strongly anti-abortion, we have the Wilberforce Project (Alberta anti-abortionists) trumpeting that they’ve finally got a foothold in a political party that understands their agenda and we have a gullible or selfish population that simply doesn’t care. This does not bode well.

  8. David says:

    As has been said before, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. I don’t think Mr. Kenney’s views have fundamentally changed much, he has just got better at not talking about them, because he knows it will lose him votes and possibly cost him this election. He knows without power, he can not implement these things, so perhaps in his mind this deception turns into the end justifies the means. He was basically a social conservative activist and that is how and why (according to him) he got into politics.

    One might hope more moderate elements in a party might restrain such a leader. The PC’s did have leaders who were more sympathetic to social conservative ideas and that may have happened there, although in fairness no one ever would have ever called Don Getty or Ed Stelmach social conservative activists. However, this restraint is unlikely to happen in the UCP. First, a number of their candidates seem to sympathetic to pro life organizations and may have been supported by them. It may even be close to a majority of them, they seem to be trying to keep the numbers a secret. Second, prominent moderates from the PC side, were either forced out of the party by Kenney (ex. Sandra Jansen), went off to other other parties (ex. Stephen Mandel) or may be sitting things out. At this point, the UCP is probably even be more socially conservative than the Conservative Party of Canada.

    Lastly, one might say the Federal government and the fact some things are beyond the jurisdiction of the Provincial government might also restrain Kenney. While there are some things the province does not control, Mr. Kenney seems to blur the lines between Federal and Provincial matters in his campaign and frequently even before that. Perhaps that is not totally surprising given Mr. Kenney’s long experience as a politician was mostly at the Federal level. However, it does appear that he would be very aggressive in trying to extend provincial powers. Even if he is not totally successful, there are a lot of things the province controls in the areas of education and health care, that would allow Kenney to implement a social conservative agenda.

    Kenney and the UCP do seem to have learned a lesson from the Wildrose Lake of Fire election debacle – just don’t talk about it during the election. However if you look at the background of Kenney and the UCP candidates it also does not seem any more moderate than Wildrose was in that election, probably even less so.

    • Excellent comments David. You mentioned the Wildrose Lake of Fire debacle, what puzzles me is the fact Kenney and the UCP are still in the running given the awful things Kenney has said in the past, his voting record on social issues in Parliament, and the high number of candidates who have been investigated, fined, tossed out or quit because they didn’t want to be a “distraction” after having said racist, sexist, and homophobic things. Have Albertans become more tolerate of this kind of behavior since 2012? Have we become numb to it after years of Donald Trump? If so we’re in desperate trouble as a province and as a nation.

  9. Blair Backman says:

    Being that he was raised in Wilcox and attended Notre Dame Catholic school (where is father was principle following The Infamous Socialist baiting Father Murray), it is requires a bit of suspension of belief to believe he only became a Catholic at the age of 22.

    Perhaps he inherited his fathers tendency “to guild the lilly” as was mentioned in his Leader Post obituary from 2010!

    As disgusting and as distasteful as Mr Kenney is, the real danger in Canada was when Jody Raybauld Wilson attempted to appoint a Conservative Judge fond of writing of his intention to overturn the Charter of Rights.

    This is the source of all progressive legislation in Canada and if Judge Joyal was able to support Kenney’s medieval policies we would be back in the Theocracy of 1950’s Quebec.

    Now it becomes obvious why the Medical assisted dieing legislation was so stillborn-neither Wilson or Philpott really supported it.

    My vision of hell- Scheer as Prime Minister and Kenney as Premier of Alberta.

    Oh, and Monte Solberg as Governor-General!

    • Carlos Beca says:

      That sounds like the perfect team. and it may just happen. Hell we do not like to be second to the US so we may just try it.

      Another candidate resigns under the threat that they will release what she has said on social media. I am just amazed because Jason Kenney has said similar garbage and he does not even give it a thought. Alberta is his caliphate and the rest is just fluff.
      Albertans seem to love this circus. They seem to miss the Redford show and will try again, as long as we deregulate to allow another boom and money galore to be spent on trinkets. Forget climate change, pollution and whatever else. Forget taxes for the rich and corporations, forget royalties, that is just conspiracy theories. Just give us the boom.
      This mentality of convenience and irresponsibility is so darn absurd and naïve that seems unreal. It has nothing to do with left or right or doing what is right for the future of our province. After 43 years of Neo-liberal dreams we learned nothing. We are desperate to go back to our fentanyl.
      We continue to bang our heads and making the same mistakes hoping for a better outcome – IDIOTS.

      • Carlos these are good points. I’ve noticed an increase of concern on social media, particularly Twitter, in connection with Kenney’s plan to repeal the School Act and enact the old PC Education Act which would allow schools to out kids who join gay-straight alliances. The LBGTQ community is very worried and is getting the message out, however they are a small proportion of the population and I’ve heard gay people say they’re going to vote for Kenney because he’ll reduce taxes. I don’t know what these people are thinking. Do they expect someone else to hold Kenney in check? The Muslims for Trump believed that Trump would pull back from his Islamophobic rhetoric. Then as soon as he was elected he imposed the Muslim ban on travel. As David said above, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

    • Blair, thanks for this. I just read about the JRW attempt to appoint Judge Joyal to the Supreme Court of Canada. The judge denies this was the case, but I’m at the point now where I don’t know who to believe anymore.
      You mentioned the Theocracy of 1950s Quebec, funnily enough Kenney expressed disappointment that the low birth rate in Quebec. This obsession with birthrate seems to be a theme on the conservative right. David Frum raised it in a speech he gave here in Calgary a couple of years ago. He said it was a mistake for Canada to allow so many immigrants into the country and a better plan would be for us to increase our population by boosting the birthrate. This is such a goofy idea, what he’s really saying is we should push women to have as many babies as they can and then sit around for 20 years waiting for the little ones to grow up and become productive workers, bearing in mind that the next generation of women would have to stay home and have kids. If that doesn’t sound like the Handmaid’s Tale I don’t know what does.

      • Carlos Beca says:

        Gosh I am happy that Barbara Frum did not live to see what her son turn out to be. Another brain full of webs. He wrote the triangle of evil speeches for George Bush.

  10. Blair Backman says:

    No,Susan–that sounds like Kansas.

  11. Ron Lim says:

    When the progressive left tries to change the views of those do not share the same views, are they not as guilty as the right?

    In a true democracy, everyone should have the right to believe in their values and not be subjected to convert to another’s views and values.

    This is just hiprocracy in both the left and right with each vilifying the other but both guilty of the same thing. Far right is fascist and far left is socialism getting closer to communism and I see the left as bigger threat that the right today!

    • carlosbeca says:

      You can believe whatever you want but just make sure that you do not compare Fascism with socialism because it is obvious that you do not know what you are talking about.

  12. bks53115@gmail.com says:

    So Jason Kenney’s morals are disturbing because he is Pro Life! Isn’t it presumptuous of you to presume that your morals are better and than that therefore allows you to engage in character assasination!

    By the way the Catholics and Christians follow Jesus Christ and his teachings are outlined in the New Testament. Unlike the Koran it is not full of rules and regulations about what you can and cannot do. The two most important Commandments are to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. Loving your neighbor means loving the unborn, who are also human, and that means you should not suck them out of a mother’s womb because they are inconvenient!

    • Carlos Beca says:

      No Jason Kenney’s morals are not disturbing because he is a pro-Life – they are disturbing because he is a crook.
      Yes you are right, the commandments tell us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves, exactly the same way as Jason Kenney loved gay people in San Francisco causing some to die alone and without the company of those they loved more in life.
      We can all have decent discussions about morals but please no propaganda. We all have enough of that.

  13. GoinFawr says:

    Hey Mr. Kenney, Brian Jean’s massive base called, they want a leader with a modicum of integrity/decency/honesty back.

  14. John G says:

    Mr Kenney reminds me of the Toronto imam who said that man’s law allows men to have only one wife, but God’ law (in Islam if course) allows them to have four, so he would perform marriages up to for per man.

    No difference in reasoning at all between that imam, Jason Kenney and Pope JPII.

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