Down for the count

Ms Soapbox went on a blitz trip to Vancouver Island.  She got home late this afternoon and discovered that her brain is capable of nothing more taxing that deciding whether to watch Sherlock: The Abominable Bride or Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Sunday’s post will appear on Monday.  Anyone want to wager what it’s about?  (Clue: it includes the word “royalty”).     

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12 Responses to Down for the count

  1. PETER USHER says:


    Grand that you had a chance to dismount from the soapbox.

    I was not perturbed at all that the ‘promise’ to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada by a certain day was not met. It was the intent not the time which was important to me. Likewise, I’ll let you off quite lightly for being a teeny-weeny little late with your review of the ‘royalty’ review.

    Thanks again for the wonderful insights and perspectives you provide weekly. They’re amazing!!!!


    Peter M. Usher, PhD, ChPC The ‘Head’ Coach To have an excellent performance you must plan and prepare for an excellent performance. Victorious warriors win first and then go to war while defeated warriors go to war and then try to win.


    • Thanks Peter for letting me off the hook, although my little effort pales in comparison with the “promise” to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada by the end of the year. Like you I wasn’t fussed that we missed the arbitrary deadline. We knew Canada would live up to its promise in the end. 🙂

  2. looking forward to what you will say

  3. Rose MacKenzie-Kirkwood says:

    Just this time, we will allow you to let Sherlock carry the ball but I will be back to check in on your blog tomorrow.

  4. Carl Hunt says:

    Susan, take a couple of days. I tried to read it, looking for profound solutions to environmental problems like the economic costs of abandoned (orphan) wells or 170 sq. km of untreated tailings ponds etc. I think they call them ‘orphans’ and ‘ponds’ to get our sympathy. We need your wisdom – take a week.

    • Carl, you’re right that the royalty review did not address environmental problems like orphan wells and tailings ponds. It is my fervent hope that the ministries of energy and environment are working hard to enforce existing regulations and create new ones under the climate leadership plan to ensure that these problems don’t get passed down to our children.

  5. marian donly says:

    Can’t wait!

    Thank you, Susan.

    Mare “If you’re going to be passionate about something, be passionate about learning. If you’re going to fight something, fight for those in need. If you’re going to question something, question authority. If you’re going to lose something, lose your inhibitions. If you’re going to gain something, gain respect and confidence. And if you’re going to hate something, hate the false idea that you are not capable of your dreams.”

    -Daniel Golston


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