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Some Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Usually the thought of Thanksgiving invokes images of family and friends sitting around the dining room table enjoying good food, sparkling conversation and laughter…as well as reminiscing over past thanksgiving disasters like Ms Soapbox’s stuffing that was as dry as … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Ms Soapbox just returned from Italy with a miserable head cold, jet lag and no luggage.  In this pathetic state she is trying to make sense of the Trudeau/blackface stories that have dominated the news for the last week.  Trudeau … Continue reading

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Is It Too Late For The Facts?

Where is Sgt Joe Friday when you need him?  Sgt Friday is the detective from Dragnet known for saying, “Just the facts, ma’am” when he’s investigating a crime. Why are we talking about facts? Because Jason Kenney has yet to … Continue reading

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Maxime Bernier Opens the Diversity Debate

What lunacy is this? Maxime Bernier’s twitter rant condemning Justin Trudeau’s “extreme multiculturalism” policies ended with Bernier exiting stage (far) right, Andrew Scheer promising to fight asylum seekers who jump the queue and Michelle Rempel announcing the “Pathway to Canada” … Continue reading

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