Jason Kenney the Anecdotal Policy Maker   

“Anecdotal” (anəkˈdōdl) adjective: an account not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research.

And the gong show continues.

On Sept 30, we learned Jason Kenney puts more weight on random anecdotal stories than the expert opinions of healthcare professionals.   

At last Thursday’s press conference Kenney announced he’d asked the federal government to provide Alberta with the Janssen (J&J) vaccine because “a growing number of Albertans [who’d rejected the Pfizer, Moderna and AZ vaccines] are willing to receive it.”

When asked to explain how he came to this conclusion Kenney said he’d received anecdotal reports from some rural MLAs and local leaders to that effect.

One wonders who these rural Albertans are and how they and their nameless MLAs came to have more sway of Kenney than a flotilla of medical experts, the Alberta Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association who’ve been begging for a short, controlled lockdown (firebreak) of schools and non-essential services to prevent the healthcare system from collapsing completely.

Other than an announcement that the 25,000 people employed in the public service will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test or go on to unpaid leave there was nothing new.

Dr Yiu said (again) that the hospitals are under “unprecedented pressure,” ICUs are under “immense strain” and healthcare workers and their families are suffering incredible mental and physical strain.

But no there will be no firebreak lockdowns to relieve the pressure on our healthcare system.

Why not?

Wait, wait, and wait some more

Because Kenney wants to wait and see whether the previously imposed measures are working and besides the case numbers appear to be plateauing.

Um, the previously imposed measures were an easily forgeable vaxx passport, the proof of vaccine/negative covid test for AHS workers (and now public servants) and the reinstatement of various confusing restrictions.

Given that the majority of AHS workers and public servants work in urban areas and the majority of unvaccinated Albertans reside in rural areas, how, pray tell, are any of these measures going to reduce the pressure on our hospitals and ICUs?   

And please Mr Kenney, take no comfort in the case numbers “plateauing.” They’re plateauing at more than 1000/day. At this number all elective surgeries have been cancelled, our hospitals and ICUs are at breaking point and the triage protocol is lurking just around the corner.    

Blah, blah, blah

To distract us from the sound of our lives going down the drain, Kenney reiterated that his government would use every tool at its disposal (well, except the firebreak) to keep our hospitals and ICUs from collapsing.

He’ll continue to provide these tools too late and in such a slipshod way—oh you want a QR code reader app along with your QR code card, well you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks—that they’re pretty well useless.

He’ll download these tools onto municipalities, school boards and businesses creating even more chaos and confusion. The head of the Calgary Hospitality Association wasn’t kidding when he said the vaccine passport was a “disaster.”  

Kenney will lead by example as long as you don’t ask him to impose a proof of vaccination/negative covid test policy on his own MLAs. That, he says, would violate a “legal constitutional principle.” Apparently, this career politician was unaware that this so-called obstacle could be overcome by a simple majority vote of the MLAs. Let’s see, all 24 NDP MLAs are vaccinated, so all Kenney needs is to call the vote and get 20 of his own MLAs to support it. Voila, leading by example!   

He’ll reassure us once again that we’re no worse off than other jurisdictions and trot out irrelevant information like Ontario’s record in the first wave (we’re both in the fourth wave and Ontario is doing better than Alberta) and Manitoba’s experience at Christmas (it is now October and Manitoba is doing better than Alberta). He’ll make ominous allusions to Australia which suffered God knows what “negative consequences” after having “the hardest lockdowns in the democratic world” (Alberta has one-sixth of the population of Australia and had twice as many covid deaths, so what’s your point?)  

It doesn’t matter. Kenney is going to wait to see whether the J&J vaccine and the public service proof of vaccine/negative test policy will save the healthcare system from collapse.

But hey, don’t despair, I’ve heard anecdotally that if Kenney breaks our healthcare system he’ll resign.*

*Sorry, I’ve heard nothing anecdotal or otherwise (shakes her head). Pity.

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53 Responses to Jason Kenney the Anecdotal Policy Maker   

  1. Dwayne says:

    Susan: Thanks for another great blog. Does the UCP ever know what they are doing? I don’t think so. The results we see with covid in Alberta are very dismal. Again, I’ll share another bit of music which hopefully will brighten people up. It’s a cover version of the Procol Harum song, A Whiter Shade Of Pale. It is from Carlos Santana with Steve Winwood. I saw Carlos Santana 5 times live, and Steve Winwood twice live. I saw the original group, Procol Harum, 4 times live.

    • Duane, like you I’ve sought respite from the constant dread that’s a part of life here in Alberta. The Kenney government was difficult to take before covid started. It’s become unbearable now. I find I’m reading more fiction nowadays, mysteries in particular, and watching reruns of Friends on Crave. The diversion helps me deal with the daily grind of living in this province and watching so many things go horribly wrong.
      So thank you for these music breaks.

  2. Dwayne says:

    Susan: I know how things are so frustrating with the UCP. I’d still like to share some uplifting music. This is from a Canadian artist, that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to see live, and being able to meet, Gordon Lightfoot. This song is from 1972. You Are What I Am. It is a nice country tune. I do rank Gordon Lightfoot in the league of songwriting greats, like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, whom I’ve also seen live. We need something to help us unwind, and music is a great way to do that.

  3. Mark Watson says:

    Anecdotally, I’ve heard that if JK can nudge O’Toole out as CPC leader, JK will be ready to be the new national Leader, and ready to go after Justin Trudeau.

    I hope we can last that long!

  4. Tina Dmytryshyn says:

    Susan, I don’t know if I have to post a song with my reply…. yeah that is creepy, I won`t. I just wanted to thank you for your passion. I have lived in this fucking province my whole life and I have voted NDP every election since I was of age and I sat and counted votes the night the NDP were elected to government. And all the heartache and all the years knowing that caring about people was the right thing to do…well that night made up for it all. We will hold the UCP accountable, we have to hold them accountable. I think in the end that families, who have lost loved ones to this virus because of the complete incompetence of this government, will demand to know the truth. There will have to be a commission to look at how decisions were made. But of course there is the possibility that the UCP might get reelected, which will result in us being fucked. Keep up the good work,

    • Jaundiced Eye says:

      Tina, thank you! The songs add nothing to the dialogue.

    • No song necessary Tina, As you said all those years of supporting the NDP, then seeing them form government and implement great policy was so uplifting; then poof! just like that Kenney walked in and destroyed it all. It’s heartbreaking.
      Our only consolation (if we can call it that) is he’s done such a poor job the conservative movement will splinter and it will be easier to reinstate the NDP the next time around. I truly believe that will happen, but if it doesn’t I’m seriously considering getting out of here. Life is too short to spend it watching the unfit-to-govern try to govern the ungovernable.

  5. Dave says:

    Oh, as strange as this is, it is just Kenney up to political tricks again. As he gets more desperate, well things do get weirder.

    The first trick here is Kenney’s old standby one of distraction, which is fairly obvious. The second one is something a bit more unusual is what I will call blame transference. So, if the Feds can’t immediately get the anecdotally miracle vaccine Kenney wants, he can then try shift some of the blame to them for things being so bad.

    Kenney is not in a good situation politically and is getting increasingly desperate now. Buckle up, it is going to be at least a few months of more weird political stuff like this from Kenney.

    • Dave, I’d like to pick up on your comment that Kenney is getting weirder the more desperate he becomes. It’s fascinating watching him when he goes off script at these press conferences. He starts to stammer and say things like “I believe…” which indicates to me that whatever he’s going to say next is misinformation. Then there’s the weird way he refers to NFL’s offer to send help. Invariably he’ll smile and say Premier Furey is pleased to help Fort Mac which Furey says is NFL’s second largest city. It’s a weird smile, not the least bit authentic or, for that matter appropriate, given that what he’s saying is Alberta is in such dire straits it has to get help from NFL. But he smiles and smiles.
      It’s very strange.

  6. Mike Priaro says:

    Not only Kenney, Shandro and Hinshaw need to be held accountable for the deaths of hundreds of Albertans, but the entire UCP who elected an incompetent federal carpetbagger as their leader, and who continue to back his leadership, need to be held accountable

    • Dwayne says:

      Mike Priaro: I don’t think the Alberta government can be sued. Ralph Klein made a bill pertaining to that. Mike Harris did a similar thing in Ontario. Somehow, they made it so they can’t be held liable for negligence.

      • GoinFawr says:

        Did they leave in a provision for tarring/feathering and being ridden back to Toron’o on a rail?

    • Mike, you’re absolutely right that every last UCP caucus member is responsible for what’s happened as a result of the UCP government’s disastrous handling of the covid crisis. The irony is the ones who are sniping from the sidelines want even fewer restrictions than the pitiful too little, too late restrictions Kenney implemented.
      The NDP have suggested a public inquiry is in order. I wholeheartedly agree.
      I haven’t lost hope for a civil class action suit, but some legal scholars suggest it would be a difficult thing to carry out. Frankly the law is always one step behind society, For example, it took years before the courts recognized same-sex marriages and the right to medically assisted death for the terminally ill. I don’t see why the courts can’t carve out a set of new tort principles that would apply to the negligent actions of a government more concerned about its political future than the public good.

      • alkyl says:

        According to this legal scholar, (“Dr. Charles I.M. Lugosi represents clients from his base with Crease Harman LLP in Victoria, British Columbia in the areas of constitutional law, tort law, bioethics, commercial litigation, professional discipline and regulatory law, administrative law, and criminal law. He holds a law degree from the University of Western Ontario and an LLM, a Masters in Bioethics and an SJD from the University of Pennsylvania, and is admitted to the practice of law in both Canada and the US. See: https://www.lugosi-law.com “,), it is a course of action worth pursuing. The legal precedent alone, is worthy of both a serious inquiry and possible application.

        “Flying Blind: Do Public Officials Risk Criminal Liability by Reopening the Country Without Conducting Necessary COVID-19 Testing?”


        See also, “Covid-19: Social murder, they wrote—elected, unaccountable, and unrepentant”


        Crowd funding is one way to raise the necessary capital required to pursue legal accountability. Does the Alberta electorate have the necessary interest to hold elected officials legally accountable?

  7. Mike Priaro says:

    Kenney publically justified the UCP’s caucus delaying a leadership review by six months to March 2021 by saying continuity was required to fight the pandemic.
    Continuity of what???
    He turfed his healthy minister and Kenney and his team have totally mismaneged the fourth wave and Alberta’s response to the pandemic in general.
    The last thing Albertans need is more continuity of Kenney.
    He needs to resign immediately.
    We can’t possibly be any worse off.

    • Mike: your “continuity of what??” question is well founded. Kenney delayed the leadership review by 6 months, but that hasn’t changed anything. Those who seek to depose him are still skulking around behind his back building up support for the challengers. Kenney is well aware his leadership and his legacy are under threat. This will continue to undermine his ability to lead Alberta out of this pandemic (not that he’s demonstrated much leadership to begin with)

  8. Mike Priaro says:

    That shoiuld be 2022 of course in my previous comment.

  9. jerrymacgp says:

    There is a way the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine might be useful in getting the anti-vaxxers immunized. Load it into tranquilizer darts, and have Fish & Wildlife officers patrolling along near those pro-COVID rallies, darting unmasked people in the rear end.

    [Tongue-in-cheek font]

    • Carlos says:

      The antivaxxers are running this province and their leader is Jason Kenney – first they controlled the rules around the waves now they select which vaccine they want.
      What else is coming?

      • GoinFawr says:

        “I was ‘oppin’ along,minding my own business; and up he comes and cures me… not so much as a ‘by your leave’! … Bloody do-gooder!”

        “There’s no pleasing some people.” – Brian Cohen

        “That’s just what Jesus said sir!” – EX Leper

      • GoinFawr: these quotes are priceless! Thank you 🙂

      • Carlos, I remember when Kenney told Albertans they could choose whether to have Pfizer, Moderna or AZ. This reminded me of parents giving their kids the choice of milk or apple juice before they go to bed. It’s not about what to drink before bedtime, it’s about going to bed. Four year olds can be duped this way. Adults can’t. And when a bunch of them chose not to take Pfizer, Moderna or AZ we had a big problem.
        Instead of framing the issue in terms of individual choice Kenney could have framed it as Albertans sticking together to pull through adversity, the people of destiny/people of the buffalo crap that he always pulls may have worked better than trying to trick people into thinking they had a choice to do the right thing.

    • GoinFawr says:

      Danielle Smith was so outraged by the inconvenience and hassle her privileged self had to endure in order for her to get the only shot that would supposedly do for her. Oh the dismaying woe was palpable as she lamented about how, even with so much of our tax dollars being spent, there were only two proven effective brands of shots available to serve her advantaged person, instead of her preferred choice, which, naturally, was the one not currently available. Such a disgrace for her, since she ‘isn’t great with needles’! Sheesh, and she wants to be premier?

      Unless Danielle S. has taken some actual Doctor’s advice on the matter that I am unaware of, I have money on my flank that says that if the J&J shot HAD been handy, she would have demanded the AZ, or Sputnik, or whatever dose was at that moment in time a pain in the neck to procure.

      • Carlos says:

        LOL GoinFawr – you are so right
        It is an unreal torture just to look at these people. Danielle Smith is one of those individuals born in the impossibility of all planets in our Galaxy lining up. She is an absolutely unbearable cod oil fish pill. Never heard her talking without some absurdity beyond the limits of the human brain. BUT in Alberta she is sought after as a radio show for the brain handicapped, not to use a word that I was told not to use because it is offensive !!

      • GoinFawr and Carlos: as I think about Danielle Smith’s frustration at being unable to access J&J when Pfizer, Moderna, and (for a time) AZ, all life-saving vaccines, were available, I couldn’t help but think about the 53% of the global population who reside in what is commonly referred to as the third world. They’re pleading for vaccines, but will have to suffer and die until they get some. It’s unfathomable that anyone with access to a life saving vaccine should stamp their tiny foot and complain it’s not the one they prefer.

    • Jerrymacgp: that’s a brilliant suggestion. Perhaps our new Chief Firearms Officer can be of assistance in procuring the tranquilizer guns.

  10. Irene says:

    Susan, if the stakes weren’t so high it might be amusing to watch all the new and inventive little tricks Jason Kenney keeps pulling out of his sleeve. And what his “word of the day” will be. “Anecdotal”. Here is something from the U.S. CDC that is not anecdotal but based on real numbers, “ … vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 hospitalization during March 11–August 15, 2021, was higher for the Moderna vaccine (93%) than the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (88%) and the Janssen vaccine (71%).”

    So, why on earth would anyone who has decided to take a vaccine choose the LEAST effective one? You know why. Because this isn’t about rationale, It’s about power. It’s a game. As a public health nurse I saw plenty of parents in power games with their little ones at the health unit when they came to get their preschool booster shots before kindergarten. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes a horror show. My hat was always off to the experienced moms and dads who were matter-of-fact about it, the child knew there was no negotiation, and that they could trust their parents and the nurse that what was happening was in their best interest. Easy-peasy, done-like-dinner, no muss-no-fuss. Then there were others who relinquished all power and tried to give the child “choices”: Parent: “Do you want it in your right or left arm?” Child’s answer, “I don’t want it.” Parent: “Do you want to sit in this chair or that chair?” Child: “I want to stand, or hide under the nurse’s desk screaming.”

    So, Danielle Smith, Kenney’s little lap dog and such a brilliant example of scientific knowledge, has pursued the J&J vaccine. Big whooptie-do. Good for her. As usual, no logic, it’s just about getting the perpetually bewildered followers excited about chasing down red herrings. And sticking it to Trudeau every which way they can, while he rolls his eyes and says, “Sure you can have your J&J. Do you want a cherry on top of that?”

    • Irene: you absolutely nailed it with this comment. Nailed it! As you said Trudeau must look at Kenney and just shake his head. On the one hand Kenney issues press releases praising Canadian cooperation in helping Alberta in its time of need, on the other hand he’s railing on about being ripped off through equalization. As GoinFawr said, there’s just no pleasing some people, especially if they’re blinded by political ambition.

  11. Brent Mcfadyen says:

    Can our incompetent Premier and cabinet be held criminally accountable for all the unnecessary deaths caused by their ideology? If it is possibly I do believe it is time to look at this option now before they sneak away into the dark.
    The anti – vaccination crowd protesting outside our hospitals , would it be legal to bring in the police and fire department and clean up the grounds of vermin that threaten our very existence.

    • Brent, some lawyers have said it would be difficult to succeed on a criminal negligence charge, but there seems to be a little more support for a civil action. I suspect a civil action, perhaps a class will be given serious consideration as the number of covid deaths and non-covid deaths resulting form the cancellation of all surgeries continue to mount.
      Meanwhile stay safe so we can vote these guys out of office in 2023!

      • Brent Mcfadyen says:

        Civil action just may the way to go. They worship the almighty dollar than more than human life. So it would be appropriate to deprive them of what they most desire.

  12. When I read your sentence, “Because Kenney wants to wait and see whether the previously imposed measures are working and besides the case numbers appear to be plateauing…take no comfort in the case numbers ‘plateauing. They’re plateauing at more than 1000/day,” I pulled a very small book off my bookshelf, by Harry Gordon Frankfurt, professor emeritus of philosophy, who wrote a 4 x 6-inch, 76-page New York Times bestseller, “On Bullshit” (Princeton University Press, 2005). Dr. Frankfurt’s view of bullshit as synonymous with ‘humbug’ and defined as, “deceptive misrepresentation, short of lying, especially by pretentious word or deed, of somebody’s own thoughts, feelings, or attitudes.” It applies to Jason Kenney. Except Kenney lies. No shit. Regardless of whether he lies intentionally or unwittingly, his maliciousness is more widespread and damaging than bullshit. As such, its dogshit, an idiomatic term I use for dogmatism, which I’ve formally defined as: “a personality trait that combines thoughts, feelings, and behavioural characteristics that are pronounced with rigid certainty.” In politicians, dogshit is the arrogant stench that imperils democracy and social progress. (In friends and relatives it simply prevents second dinner invitations.) As I read the rest of today’s excellent post (and all your informative blogs about this government’s legislation of ideologically-driven policies), I had an auditory hallucination of dogs howling in the background of a second, visual hallucination—a portrait of Jason Kenney. Make it black-and-white.

    • Thank you Judy! Some of our readers may not know that you’re a scholar of dogmatism, a professor emeritus of psychology with solid academic credentials in this area. I must say you pulled no punches today, having beautifully described Jason Kenney as the destructive dogmatist that he is. Well done!

  13. Linda says:

    I LOVE jerrymacgp’s suggestion! Thanks so much for the laugh. Sadly, we are on our own when it comes to protecting ourselves & our loved ones from the virus. I feel for anyone who may require ’emergency’ care at this time. Thanks to Kenney & his 3 stooges UCP crew the poor health care workers have to deal with the fallout. They at least are doing their job & doing it under conditions that define ‘toxic workplace’ thanks to the incompetence of the UCP.

    • Linda, your comment struck a cord with me. Like most people I was anxious before we had a vaccine and then a little less anxious as I waited for it to be rolled out to me and my family. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when we were all double vaccinated. And then boom! The anti-vaxx and vaxx-hesitant started to flood into our hospitals and ICUs, all surgeries were cancelled and our healthcare system is stretched to breaking point.
      I’m done, done, done with all the people who refuse to get vaccinated, I don’t care whether they’re misinformed, lazy, or living in la-la land. We did our part, it’s time they stepped up and did theirs. Continuing to coddle them by promising them the J&J vaccine just doesn’t cut it as an effective government policy to boost vaccine rates, not when there’s evidence from other jurisdictions that implementing a QR code system works.

  14. Patricia Dickson says:

    Mr Kenney should be charged with criminal negligence. He is complicit in the “unnecessary” deaths of thousands of Albertans – anecdotally speaking.

  15. Mike J Danysh says:

    I know! I know! Danielle Smith said she want the J&J jab because she hates needles, and she only wants one.

    Fact check, please: has J&J even asked for approval in Canada? I thought they decided not to bother.

    Any excuse is enough for these idiots to put it off again. Honestly, I’m sick and tired of this stupidity. Every damfool who refuses the vaccine becomes a super-spreader who can infect the rest of us. I can’t escape the feeling that our best path forward is Darwinian—survival of the smartest. The reason that’s not acceptable is not biological but ethical: if the damfools won’t protect themselves, does that mean the rest of us have to protect them and their families—to protect ourselves?

    Kenney continues to aid and abet the boneheads by doing his Libertarian Republican thing. Avoid any expenditure that would benefit ordinary people, and actively prevent any measures that would reduce public harm—even if the ones harmed most are your Base. (For the rest of us, that’s a good news/ bad news scenario.) His whole approach to Covid-19, after the success controlling the first “wave” (now looks like a ripple on a pond), has been, “Ignore it, it’ll go away.”

    David Climenhaga’s latest blog points out Kenney’s dismal “approval” ratings—22% approval overall, only 11% approval of his pandemic handling. Kenney is done. He’s finished. Dead man walking. The only remaining question is: will he jump, or will his caucus push him?

    FOOTNOTE: Miz Smith may yet need to get two needle holes. According to the CBC report above, the J&J vaccine is only 66% effective after one dose. To get over 90% protection, you need two jabs. Oh, the horror.

  16. Jaundiced Eye says:

    Mark Twain said it best.

    “Hain’t we got all the fools in town on our side? And hain’t that a big enough majority in any town?”
    ― Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    It’s as if Mark Twain was living in present day Alberta when he wrote that.

  17. Mike J Danysh says:

    This just in—somebody must have told Kenney a really good story about the virtue of being vaccinated. There’s a new policy, MLAs and their staff in the Legislature must be vaccinated by 25 October. If not, they get to stick a Q-tip up their nose and submit it for testing.


    And hey, regular government schmucks learned less than a week ago that they had to get the jab. Now MLAs have to submit to the pincushion treatment. Quick work for a government that hates telling people what to do.

    Of course, probably 90% of those government schmucks, and 100% of the NDP MLAs and their staff, already submitted to the terrors and indignity of “being vaccinated.”

    I wonder how many UCP MLAs and staff will be walking around, grimacing and flexing their sore arms the day after the Dreaded Jab. (Cue violins.)

    • Carlos says:

      No one complains when they have to be vaccinated when travelling on vacation to other countries but that COVID vaccine is so special they cannot get it.
      Yesterday another pompous press conference just to SUGGEST to the school board to make vaccinations to all staff and visitors mandatory – DOUGH
      If this lasts until April and at 22% support for the premier (I doubt it is more than 10%) we all will need some serious psychiatric treatment

  18. Dwayne says:

    Susan: This is exactly what neoliberal policies get society. Mike Harris was a good friend of Ralph Klein, and he did similar things, through austerity. The UCP has that similar mentality.
    This explains what brought on the Walkerton tainted water tragedy in Ontario.

  19. Carlos says:

    No wonder we are all so tired and confused with what we are witnessing here in Alberta and around the world – I understand now why my Dad, a very responsible and honest man, rejected society in general just before he died in 2008. Irresponsible politicians, lack of morals and ethics are as a consequence of 40 years of Neo-Liberal commodification of our lives and the full acceptance of inevitability and the costs of doing business. At least our courts still display some sense of responsibility and morals although I wonder for how long.
    Paul Horgan the NDP premier is not different and just shows how Neo-Liberalism has basically infected any party making them all the same. I do agree with the author that people behave more like weasels.
    I watched the attack of the RCMP on the activists protecting 1000 years old trees destined to become everything including toilet paper. Is it that difficult to understand these trees should not be touched? That having people coming to see what is rare and majestic can be way more productive that cutting them in seconds?
    What a disgrace and one wonders how far these people will go to open accounts offshore with the gains under the table provided by what they are offering their supporters and benefactors. Talk about needed change. No wonder we cannot even get a small change like the voting system. Interests and money are so entrenched in our political system that only activism like these courageous people are doing in Fairy Creek will save us from this horror show. Not a sense of humanity or community or even some respect for what sustains us as human beings.
    The testimony from France Haugen about Facebook clearly shows where we are at. The lack of knowledge of what is real even at Congress Level. I would say most of them are more than aware but now that it surfaced they are all so darn AMAZED with what is happening to their children.
    Is there any questions why young people are committing suicide at alarming levels? Who wants to live in this indescribable garbage dump?


  20. GoinFawr says:

    Saturday Funnies, starring the Plastic Cowboy hisself!

    • Carlos says:

      This must be the celebration of the dozens of people that died in the 4th wave and thousands that have not had surgery due to his ‘Open for Summer’ campaign

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