Happy Mother’s Day

I’m afraid I’ve lost it.

This was going to be a cheery little non-political post wishing all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day…but it went sideways when I saw Jason Kenney’s Mother’s Day news release and YouTube clip.

The YouTube clip got me steamed up when Kenney said moms have had to step up even more this year and he hoped it (this day, presumably) “is a great opportunity to slow down.”

Slow down?

All of you moms who are doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, teachers, school staff, essential workers, moms working from home so you can keep an eye on the kids, grandmas watching the kids so their moms can work, moms who would jump at the offer of $10/day childcare, moms who run small businesses and have been left in a lurch by Kenney’s yes-no-yes restrictions, moms who are caring for loved ones with a high risk of infection from the yahoos Kenney has excused for so long they won’t listen when he wants them to act responsibly, moms who are struggling to convince family members to get vaccinated when Kenney’s MLAs tell them to do their own research, all of you moms listen up: Jason Kenney thinks today would be a “great opportunity to slow down.”

Slow down and do what? Put on your fuzzy slippers and watch soap operas on TV?

Then came the news release where Kenney offered sympathy to mothers and grandmothers in residential care who may be facing Mother’s Day without their families and to Albertans who have lost their mothers to covid or another cause.

That finished me because so much of this heartache could have been avoided.

We’re going to talk about that about another day.

Today, I would like to wish every mom a heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day and let them know that I and many others will fight tooth and nail to ensure your next Mother’s Day will not be as grueling and scary as the last two.

You are in my heart.

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60 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Tim Sharon says:

    Thank you

  2. Paula says:

    Well said, Susan. Living in Alberta since Kenney’s election is like living in some kind of tilted, weirdo alternate universe. Jason Kenney has mangled reality in the province, but cool-headed, articulate individuals such as yourself are helping us navigate through it. We WILL come out the other end and leave the insanity behind.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Susan and all Alberta moms.

    • Thanks Paula. Like you, I hold Kenney personally responsible for the mess he’s created. He’s the one who “holds the pen.” He’s the party leader and the premier. If the buck doesn’t stop with him then who does it stop with?
      Now he’s trying to create the narrative that Alberta is doing worse than its neighbours because Alberta is “behaviorally different.” That’s baloney. Every province has its share of anti-mask/anti-vax nutjobs. The difference is Kenney indulged them and now he can’t rein them in. The fact that he won’t discipline his MLAs who openly support noncompliance is inexcusable.
      You’re right, we WILL come through this one day. In the meantime we need to hunker down and take care of ourselves and our community.

  3. Liane Sharkey says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, Susan. Kenny and his Ontario colleague here, DoFo, are in it for their own power and don’t give two hoots about mothers or anyone else. Happy Mother’s day to you and all mothers, and most of all, wishing everyone good health.

    • Thanks Liane. For a while Kenney’s inept leadership on the pandemic was obscured by the absolute numbers of cases and deaths in Ontario. Then the case rate per 100,000 figures started to emerge and Albertans discovered that DoFo, as bad as he was, was doing a better job than Kenney. Kenney justified his reluctance to impose real restrictions earlier by arguing he was protecting lives AND livelihoods. That failed. Not only did he fail to protect lives, Alberta’s GDP shrank 8.1%, that’s the worst in Canada. And yes part of that is attributable to the oil price crash but all his efforts to stimulate the economy by cutting corporate tax rates and so-called red tape have come to nothing.
      As Paula said, we will all get through this, until then I wish you a lovely Mother’s Day and good health to you and yours!

  4. NeilRD says:

    I’m being gaslit into oblivion. .

  5. Dwayne says:

    Susan: Thanks for another great blog. I cannot understand how the UCP thinks like they do, and how there are Albertans who still think the UCP are so good. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day. My mother passed away long ago. I’ll share a fitting song, written by Graham Nash, who is an amazing singer/songwriter.

    • Thank you Dwayne for the warm wishes and the song.
      I have no idea why anyone would still support Kenney, but it’s clear he’s losing supporters to the far right. This could polarize Alberta even more. Recently I heard a CBC interview with Dr Peter Hotez (he’s developing a cheap vaccine for poorer countries). Dr Hotez talked about the politicization of the anti-science, anti-vax movement and how this neanderthal thinking is more prevalent in the Republican party than the Democrats. He’s worried America will split into two countries, the red states and the blue states. This made me wonder whether the same could happen here. Will Alberta become even more polarized the longer Kenney is in power? How will Alberta be viewed by the rest of Canada? We’re already seen as selfish and whiney, the last thing we need now is to be considered anti-science, anti-expert as well.

      • Mike J Danysh says:

        Hi Susan. I’d think there’s a far higher probability of the US fracturing than that Oilberduh would manage to stampede itself, buffalo-like, over a cliff into “independence” (actually, an appendage of the US of A, in whole or in part).

        Kenney’s foot-in-mouth disease is likely to continue making us look even dumber, unfortunately. Unless the Unhinged Contrarian Party implodes completely, we’ll just have to wait it out. We can reassure our neighbours that we’re not really crazy, it’s just a reaction to the shock of a non-Conservative government, and we’ll get over it. Given how there are anti-mask, anti-vax protests in some (most?) other provinces, they’ll hopefully just write it off as displaced Republican-wannabes and make sure they don’t form governments the NEXT time.

        Cold comfort, I know, but if hard times are what we have, then we’ll just have to make do.

        At least there’s some reason to think the Covid situation will improve:

  6. lindamcfarlane says:

    Thanks Susan Linda McFarlane403-999-9299 C

  7. Guy says:

    Susan, your anger and bitterness at Kenney’s tone-deaf message is justified and, as always, eloquently expressed. I admire your determination and resilience as you vow to continue to fight for a better future. My best to you and all the moms living in this shattered province that we now have. Stay strong and keep well.

    • Thank you Guy! You described Kenney’s message perfectly. Tone deaf. I don’t know why I was surprised, but the “slow down’ comment was a little much coming from the man who made this day so much harder for all moms across the province.

  8. J.Currie says:

    Hi Susan …as a relative newcomer to AB, the response of Kenney to the pandemic and his shattering of regulations that protect citizens in every sector has left me reeling. I have seen ignorant and cruel governments in Canada before but not as bad as this one. I am stunned by the economic mismanagement and the blindness of the UCP in relation to the oil and gas sector about what the future looks like. Your comments about the cynicism of Kenney in trying to relate to mothers while even turning down participation in a national childcare plan sickens me. I appreciate your voice and the voices of readers here – it is reassuring that are people in AB that understand what is going on and are willing to fight for a better future.Thank you!

    • Thanks J.Currie. I’m always heartened to hear from newcomers to AB because they have the benefit of living elsewhere; they know what thoughtful governments can achieve.
      Too many Albertans are blinded by party loyalty, blue is blue is blue, regardless of how inept or corrupt that party turns out to be. I started paying attention to provincial politics when Klein was premier. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse Albertans elected Kenney. And look where that got us. Unbelievable.

  9. Carlos says:

    Hi Susan
    Happy Mother’s Day
    I understand your feelings about this but I remind you that Jason Kenney is not a human being and much less a man. He is disgusting and should be totally ignored.
    I cannot even read anything about him anymore. The guy is a natural disaster.

    • Thank you Carlos…this “natural disaster” just got a whole lot worse, now that Todd Loewen, former Wild Rose MLA and chair of the UCP caucus is demanding his Kenney’s resignation. I think it’s just a matter of time.
      Has anyone created a pool, like the football pools, on when Kenney will resign to spend more time with his family?

  10. GoinFawr says:

    We had a nice Mother’s Day Susan. right up until I heard that dopey, doublethought-droning MLA from Cypress-Medicine Hat blithely blither blather his way past all the evidence any reasonable human being could ever need. It was like witnessing some sort of clockwork platitude generator wound up by ignorance, conspiracy theory, and denial.

    Looks like yours hit a snag as well.

    All this not to mention there are some very concerning things happening regarding the next Calgary mayoral race too. There appears to be a candidate who may simply be running in order to gain voter lists and the very personal information those carry. The same one is openly talking about placing lawsuits in order to disseminate court documents of public record as a quasi-legal means to ‘dox’ AHS officials….

    There may be those who won’t believe their lying eyes, but it’s plain to me that these people want everyone else terrified of them, and they like it that way too.

    • GoinFawr, I’m glad to hear you had a nice Mother’s Day too…until the Drew Barnes part. I watched the Rosemary Barton interview. At one point Barnes actually justified opening gyms because people who are fit can fight off covid better. (???)
      I would love to be a fly on the wall at UCP party headquarters today. I’m sure Barnes and a number of others are scheming about how to bring Kenney down. I can’t imagine Kenney slinking away with his tail between his legs.
      If it wasn’t for the fact that we need our government to be laser focused on getting us through covid, this would be a pass-the-popcorn moment.

  11. Dwayne says:

    Susan: What I am hoping for is that the UCP ends up breaking apart, and ceases to exist as a party anymore. I may have started something with the music here. A well known musician, originally from Worcester, England, Dave Mason, had his birthday on May 10. His former bandmate, Steve Winwood, has his birthday on May 12. Dave Mason wrote this song, when he briefly rejoined the group Traffic. It’s from 1968. It’s fitting for these days. 4 multi-instrumentalists, including Steve Winwood, who was only 20 years old, when this was recorded.
    (Dave Mason wrote the song, Feelin’ Alright, which Joe Cocker covered.)

    • Dwayne, thanks for “Feelin’ Alright”. It’s a nice respite from the looniness all around us!

      • Dwayne says:

        Susan: This other tune penned by Dave Mason shows how Albertans do feel about the UCP. Dave Mason is the one in the cowboy hat. The one in the back middle, and left are Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi (who have passed away). Steve Winwood is the one in the front. This is the original version of Feelin’ Alright.

        Joe Cocker really made the song famous. It’s a very well covered song.

  12. Carlos says:

    Well when we thought scandals would die down a bit as Jason Kenney finally seems to understand or at least pretends, that covid is not the flu, Kaycee Madu accuses the media, the NDP and the Federal government of wanting to see a collapse of our provincial health system.
    This is getting so bizarre I think this is intentional to get everyone off politics and they can finally do whatever they want.
    Kaycee you better get a hobby like crochet, you need a distraction. You are in bad mental state.

    • Dwayne says:

      Carlos: The craziness of the UCP seems to ave no limits.

      • Dwayne says:


      • Carlos says:

        You are absolutely right and this is not unexpected not from Kaycee who made bombastic statements like this before. The minister of Justice has no concept of shutting his mouth so that at least we avoid knowing who he really is – not a great character at all

      • The Kaycee Madu thing was astounding to me. He’s the Justice Minister, he was responding to a constituent’s concern, and all he could say was it was his personal FB page and he wasn’t going to apologize. Kenney said he had not seen Madu’s comments, but Madu was a “passionate” defender of his constituents and everyone was “frustrated” by covid. Then someone went back to the office and forced Madu to apologize.
        Gong show!

      • carlosbeca says:

        Susan as far as Kaycee Madu I am not even sure I have words that can describe this poor soul. Every single time he talks one has to run.
        Being minister of Justice to me just clear explains the quality of Jason Kenney’s character – NONE

  13. Just Ice says:

    I do detect the need, that some have for a grim outcome. It’s not far from here, but it should be impossible to reach! If anything approaching sentient,is their predilection! I have a twofer! A reminder of how poison works. No one is safe from poison. We are all safe by rejecting the opportunity to become poisoners! Poison is. A poisoner may profit. lihttps://youtu.be/c5joZUMyPXQ

  14. Jen Burgess says:

    Hello Susan. I’m with an organization called Look Forward Calgary, we’re organizing ahead of the municipal election, and we’re big fans of Susan on the Soapbox. We’d love to chat sometime about our mandate and the role of TPAs in the upcoming election. Thanks. -Jennifer Burgess jen@lookforwardcalgary.org

  15. Dwayne says:

    Susan: I just wish we could have a provincial election right now. The UCP must be purged from power. They are doing far too much damage.

    • Carlos says:

      Hi Dwayne
      The way things are deteriorating it is a possible great surprise for all of us
      Kenney Chapo is in trouble again today and he will be tomorrow and everyday
      This is an endemic disease of a party he cheated and put together with lies and now everything is coming to the surface and it really stinks bad

    • Dwayne and Carlos I was going to respond to your comments about Kaycee Madu above but that was yesterday’s scandal. Today we have UCP MLA Todd Loewen stepping down as UCP caucus chair and publishing an open letter asking Kenney to resign.
      Just when you think it can’t get any worse it doesn. Kenney should be focused on getting us through this pandemic, instead he’s fighting for his job.
      It seems the savior of the conservative movement, now has to save himself.
      What a gong show!

      • carlosbeca says:

        Yes Susan when you were focusing on Kaycee Madu’s scandal, a better one comes up. It is more than a gong show it is a three ring circus with new scandals on each ring every few minutes. I thought this was going to be bad but surpassing Redford is definitely unexpected. Alberta has to be the first on everything even this kind of garbage

  16. Dwayne says:

    Susan: This is really interesting and intriguing.
    It’s like some type of a political soap opera with the UCP.

    • Dwayne, Soap opera, gong show, circus, fiasco, the list of negative comparisons is endless. And this from the man the conservatives hailed as the ultimate political strategist. Can you imagine what a mess it would have been if Kenney wasn’t as “competent” as we’d been led to believe. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

      • Carlos says:

        Political strategist alright. He was only good in Ottawa in the eyes of another great one like Harper. He has never been anything but a joke but in a circus where he was allowed to be the real star.
        We just have to wait a little more for his white nationalist buddies to bring him down for good because he is not white enough. I sure hope so – Go Barnes Go Get him.

  17. GoinFawr says:

    Susan, I think just-icE may be a bot. Got me to respond on your last piece.

    Ju5t-icE, amirite?

    Re: I Drew Barns, and Todd ‘bangsy’ Loewen. Two guys who personify the proven adage applying to UCP types:

    “They like what science *gives them, but not the questions, no. Not the questions that science asks.” – Mr. Rzykruski

    • GoinFawr says:

      * MonSTER TRUX/Ag’Tech/Cancer treatments/ ad infinitum

      The UCP is the party of Theodore Roosevelt, who, when he was president of the US said in his 1905 address at Harvard Commencement:

      “We all know that, as things actually are, many of the most influential and most highly remunerated members of the Bar (Ed. UCP) in every centre of wealth, make it their special task to work out bold and ingenious schemes by which their wealthy clients, individual or corporate, can evade the laws which were made to regulate, in the interests of the public, the uses of great wealth.”

      Actually, that is insufficient, it’s even worse than that since, in addition to actively DESTROYING the established laws and policies that serve the public interest (eg. The Coal Policy of 1976, and the Used Car Party promise) the UCP brazenly refuse to apply the rule of the law to their wealthy ‘clients’ (eg. if you’re an oil company you don’t need to clean up your abandoned wells, or even pay the taxes you owe to the municipalities that provide you with their services and their labour.)

      The only bright side to the last week in the UCP madhouse is that the party is pulling a comet ISON: dashing itself to pieces as it is torn apart by the wider reality and the UCP’s utter lack of any binding decency.

      • GoinFawr: I googled Comet ISON and noted it’s also referred to as a sungrazing comet which conjured up images of Icarus flying too close to the sun which then got me thinking about myths and stories. What a story this will be. Kenney the arch conservative shows up (with Harper’s blessing) to save the Alberta conservatives from the NDP and use his success as a springboard back to the federal conservatives to become the most conservative PM this country has ever had…only to be blown out of the water by the likes of Drew Barnes and Todd Loewen. Karma!

    • GoinFawr: I think you’re right and have taken care of it. It’s a shame we can’t take care of Drew Barnes, Todd Loewen and the rest of the UCP as quickly and easily.

      • GoinFawr says:

        Re: JIce. Heh, thought so, after I responded and read more of the bots comments I realized that any meaning I had attributed to them was of my own projection….

        Few things worth accomplishing are easy, and the real shame is that these privately pocketed cretins were elected to public office in the first place, though not by us, for what that is worth.

        Albertans could take care of them quickly, but it would not be pretty. Even then the masters always have another of their clockwork oranges wound up, and standing by at the ready.

        Appeals to their conscience are useless, for they have none, and when we question that they only become more complacent and superior. We need to menace their money-bags,

        “that will shake them to the base of their primitive natures, make them snarl like wolves”,
        (Jack London)

        and expose the true nature of their beastliness.

  18. GoinFawr: I believe they’ll do themselves in before the next election. The animosity for Kenney will not die down. The way he handled the expulsion of Loewen/Barnes was abysmal, voting by text? not getting a final tally? Kenney saying he had no idea what the final count was? Oh come on.
    Furthermore there was no logic to it. If the issue was a member of caucus cannot publicly call for Kenney’s resignation, then Barnes (who has said many things, but never that Kenney should resign) should not have been booted out.
    The whole thing feels orchestrated and Kenney demonstrated yet again that he’s not a leader. There are many UCP members more than ready to replace him.
    Let the games begin!

    • Mike J Danysh says:

      Susan, your skepticism of Kenney’s claims is totally justified. He spent seven hours arguing with his caucus and he’s “not responsible” for the vote? They have a record, via text, of EVERY vote by EVERY caucus member, and Kenney doesn’t know the total? Not bloody likely.

      It makes me wonder how the expulsion vote really went. 99% in favour? 75? 50% + 1? Or LESS than 50%?

      Barnes must have earned his expulsion by personally antagonizing Kenney. Barnes has been beaking off for months about Kenney’s inadequate Covid measures being too harsh for Barnes’ taste. Even if Barnes really is saying what his constituents tell him (debatable), there’s an ancient tradition called “shooting the messenger.”

      On another note, there was a CBC article about Kenney’s “it wasn’t me, it was the caucus” weaseling. I forgot to bookmark it, and it seems to have disappeared. Still, Duane Bratt’s recent analysis has some interesting observations in the second half:

  19. Carlos says:

    I thought most of us had enough scandal last week, but somehow another intelligence in the UCP made a very gracious statement – Jason Kenney the leader God raised for this time
    Exported directly from heaven to the people of Alberta – Gosh we should all be so privileged to have received such a gift directly from whoever is the UCP God – WOW

    • Mike J Danysh says:

      Yep, that was pretty disturbing. Fortunately only Mr. Orr has publicly revealed his epiphany. How many others share it is an open question, but I hope we can safely say “few to none.”

      For myself, I have to wonder. Either 1) God hates Alberta and has sent the Anti-Christ (unlikely) or 2) God is a member of the NDP Party of Alberta (also unlikely, but I hope slightly less).

      My best guess is that Mr. Orr is either badly confused, or trying very hard to suck up to The Boss….

      • Guy says:

        Following Mr. Orr’s line of, um, reasoning, I wonder what it means that God delivered Jason Kenney to lead people of Alberta and simultaneously gave Kenney a public health crisis to deal with that was far beyond his capability.

        For me, I think it means that Tom Waits had it right all along. “You know there ain’t no Devil there’s just God when he’s drunk.”

      • GoinFawr says:

        ‘Arr mateys, the SS UCP may be a quick ship, but she is sinking so fast into the North Saskatchewan river old Cpt. Kenney’s entire crew have to decide whether to bail out or stick an Orr in.

        Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of scallywags, is what I say, ‘Arrr.

    • jerrymacgp says:

      Assuming, ab arguendo, God exists, is he eligible to vote in Alberta? If not, is it not improper for him to publicly endorse any Alberta politician?

      • GoinFawr says:

        That’s “Mr.Him” to you, jerry. And without even checking with the UseePee ethics commissioner I believe that the answer on that one would be a resounding no, no it is not a conflict of interest, or in any other way improper for The All Being Master of Time Space and Dimension to publicly endorse whomsoever Mr.Orr pleases.

  20. Mike J Danysh says:

    Friends, Kenney’s political meltdown is attracting attention in Ontario, too. Teacher and former NDP staffer Cam Holmstrom writes “Magpie Brule” at https://magpiebrule.ca/

    His recent comments on the separate but equally stinky dumpster fires of the Kenney and Ford governments make for interesting reading. I’m sorry to say that Kenney wins the “worst mess ever” award for political incompetence (my words, not Mr. Holstrom’s.)

    Also, I recommend you visit the two Daves’ blogs, Mr. Climenega of AlbertaPolitics.ca and Mr. Cournoyer of davealberta.ca. Both have some pithy comments on Kenney’s latest self-inflicted wounds, and the possible fallout.

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