It’s been one of those weeks

This has been one of those weeks, full of highs and lows, birthdays (yay) and covid tests (boo). The Soapbox family came through it all just fine, but as a result of the ‘distractions’ there is no blog this week.

Have a safe week everyone and we’ll talk again next Sunday.

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14 Responses to It’s been one of those weeks

  1. RJ Pisko says:


  2. Dwayne says:

    Susan: Thanks for all your great blogs. I hope you and your family have a great week.

  3. David Driftmier says:

    Hi Susan-

    We are big fans and you never hear from us.

    Just want to say,”Happy Birthday,” and we are glad that you don’t have COVID-19!!


    Dave and Barb Driftmier

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    • Dave and Barb: thank you for your generous support! Actually the covid test was for another family member who was having a birthday which of course caused all sorts of problems but turned out all right in the end.

  4. Carl Hunt says:

    Your excellent article about coal & politics created so much discussion, I could hardly keep up with the interesting public comments. You deserve at least a week of “distractions” but I’ll be looking forward to your next Blog from the Soapbox.

  5. mikegklein says:

    On the plus side, I should be able sleep undisturbed by recent highly note worthy events.

    Enjoy.your time off!


  6. Claudette Whiting says:

    Dear Susan, Please enjoy those necessary breaks. Know that your deep research and analytical writing is deeply appreciated at my end. I have forwarded your writings to various friends, hopefully amplifying your voice, spreading well researched facts in these troubling times.

  7. Carlos says:

    Happy Birthday Susan and enjoy your time off
    Your work on behalf of Albertans is greatly appreciated and it probably one of the very few based on facts and that all of us can trust. I am sure that your voice is clearly heard by the morons in the UCP who have no understanding of reality or what facts mean starting from the very top with excellency Jason Kenney who lies everyday.
    Thank you

    • Thank you for the good wishes Carlos. The birthday (actually there were two) were for other family members, one of whom had to have the covid test which came back negative (thank God). It’s at times like these they I realize just how lucky we are. There are many families who face tougher circumstances.
      Stay safe!

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