Sisters’ Weekend

Ms Soapbox just returned from a fabulous long weekend in Victoria with her sisters.  As a result I wasn’t terribly focused on the machinations of our politicians.  Did I miss anything?    

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30 Responses to Sisters’ Weekend

  1. Astrid DesLandes says:

    I was really looking forward to what you would have written about the whole ear plugs debacle. Glad you enjoyed some time off, though…

  2. Dwayne says:

    Susan: This past week Jason Kenney handed out earplugs to his caucus members, after a (long) debate on the labour bill in the Legislature, with the NDP. Quite childish, undemocratic and immature, with Jason Kenney and the UCP. Jason Kenney also is going to challenge the Liberals carbon tax, via a court challenge. Jason Kenney can’t make up his mind on the carbon tax. One day, he claims to support it, and another day he does not support it. Regardless, his supporters just follow along, failing to see what consequences Jason Kenney’s actions will have. (Alberta still has a carbon tax of its own, regardless of what anyone will say.) With Jason Kenney leaving Alberta so much, and visiting other premiers, there are people who think he is priming himself for a return to federal politics.
    It has been a year since I have been on Twitter, as of June 14. I do not really know what people are saying from there about these things. My account got knackered, and I was not able to get back on it. Hope you had a great time visiting your sisters in Victoria, and I hope you have a great summer.

    • Jane Walker says:

      Thanks, Dwayne! I would add that I think the ear plugs issue is the ultimate arrogant act. We all know that the opinions of the opposition and the other people in Alberta are of no consequence to this administration …. but at least most of them fake for the sake of respectful protocol. I am hoping that Albertans recognize this.
      BTW … I just learned today that he lied about it in the first place saying he only gave out one pair to a caucus member with hearing problems or something. Then later had to recant and make up another story. Grrrrr…….

      Welcome home, Susan! Onward for a fabulous summer, I hope!!

      • Dwayne says:

        Jane Walker: It is sad how unprofessional our Legislative Assembly has become, over the years. Jason Kenney and the UCP are taking things to a whole new level of absurdity and immaturity. I know Jason Kenney lied about someone in the UCP caucus having hearing issues. It’s not like Eric Clapton, or some musician, who actually has hearing issues. There will be people who will brush antics like this in the UCP off. If it was Rachel Notley and the NDP who did this, many people, and the media, including Postmedia would be talking about it for weeks.

    • Thanks Dwayne. It looks like Alberta is going to join the other conservative provinces to fight the federal carbon tax. More money down the drain. But apparently if you yell and shake your fist at Trudeau and the environmentalists you can waste as much money as you like.

  3. It was a fabulous weekend! 🎹🎵thanks for the memories 🎶🎻

  4. Oh gee Susan – As I read Twitter responses from the far right re: your tweets, I’m thinking my new calling might be inventing more curse words and phrases to fling at UCPers – oh wait! There’s the Shakespearean Insult Generator!!! Aye, there’s the rub – it will take WEEKS for them to research and figure out what they are being called . . .

  5. Lorraine Stephenson says:

    Our dearest Premier handed our earplugs to all his caucus members in legislature…..I was anxious to hear your take on it!

    • Lorraine Stephenson says:

      I never noticed that others had already commented on this…..and as one of them mentioned……it would be smeared all over the media if it had been Rachel!

      • Lorraine, you’re absolutely right about how the UCP would have reacted had Notley tried this stunt. What bothered me the most is the utter disrespect the UCP showed for the democratic process of law making. It doesn’t matter if the UCP has a majority, they should at least listen to what the party representing 620,000 voters has to say.

  6. Graham McFarlane says:

    I would tell you, but you are probably wearing earplugs!

  7. Liane Sharkey says:

    Glad you had such a fabulous weekend! And here I am thinking Ontario’s DoFo is the biggest “spongy crook-pated popinjay” in the land! (Thanks, @RMPS2010, for introducing me to the joys of the Shakespearean insult website!). I do think JK takes the cake for Idiot of the Year and of the Land!

  8. Claudette Whiting says:

    Did you hear what I said? Is the microphone working? Is my English OK? Greta Thunberg

    And now….Are you wearing earplugs?

  9. says:

    Susan Victoria is a great destination for a getaway weekend. The Legislature, not so much. My two bits worth on the ear plug debacle – this is so wrong on so many fronts. We pay those MLAs to sit and represent us in the House. Wearing earplugs is not good representation, we should demand they return a portion of their paycheques for that day. That’s no more ridiculous than them wearing earplugs. Almost as bad as Kennedy at that convention a few weeks ago telling the crowd ‘Alberta is the land (or home?) of free speech as a few of his goons physically drag a protester who tried to speak out of the room….

    • Good point James. Kenney really pushed it over the top when he said it was a light hearted effort to boost morale. Boost morale? It’s an MLA’s job to attend at the Legislature and engage in debate with the Opposition. If doing their job has plunged the UCP caucus into low morale, the government is in big trouble. .

  10. says:

    Sorry, my bad, my post should read ‘Kenney’ And not ‘Kennedy’…..damn autocorrect!

  11. Carlos Beca says:

    Yes you missed the continuation of the implementation of Alberta’s Mediocracy.
    This minister of Education is obviously out of a convent where the priest look for comfort but where the word gay is a terrible sin. Of course for UCP protection she was forced to say the word ‘gay’ and so she will just do a confession and do some pray and she will be pardoned. Nothing major but very revealing. I am really sorry for her, poor thing.

  12. Carlos, I used to wonder why hard line religious people went into politics, but according to the Pope Jason Kenney credits with getting him into politics, it’s OK to legislate on issues like LBGTQ rights and abortion clinics IF you’re doing everything in your power to limit their “harm”. ie sound like you’re supporting them but do everything possible to make them inaccessible to people who want them. It’s very deceitful.

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