Ms Soapbox and her daughter have gone to Paris for a week.  Take good care of the province and the country until we get back.  🙂


What pops into your mind when you see this: Louvre or Da Vinci Code?

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15 Responses to Paris!

  1. jerrymacgp says:

    Have fun and stay safe 🙂

    • Thanks Jerry. Speaking of safety we were amazed at how the motorists make room for the motorcyclists who zip in and out of traffic with impunity. We saw a motorcyclist do a wheelie as he flew into a traffic circle. The drivers beep their horns to let the cyclists know they see them and then off they go flying down the white line, passing on the left, passing in the right. Impressive.

  2. Unfortunately DeVinci Code! Have a lovely time off! 😁👍

  3. Linda Munroe says:

    The Louvre gets trashed in the Da Vinci Code for the glass triangle addition. quite the paragraph if I remember right!!

    • Linda there was a rumour, repeated in the book, that the pyramid was made of exactly 666 panes of glass—the number of the beast (!) but it’s not true there are 673 panes of glass. It’s really very beautiful notwithstanding what Dan Brown thought of it 😉

  4. Liane Sharkey says:

    Ah! the Louvre! Enjoy all those wonderful paintings – say hi to Mona! and stay safe!

    • Liane we visited the Louvre 20 years ago and I was interested to see if much had changed so we headed straight to the Mona Lisa. 20 years ago she was surrounded by a crowd who stood in silent awe. Today we found a bunch of people jostling for the perfect selfie-with-Mona shot. (God I’m beginning to sound like one of those old guys harping about the good old days!)

      • Liane Sharkey says:

        well, if you’re one of them, I am too. I think that whole “selfie-in-front-of-the-attraction” thing should be banned! whatever happened to just enjoying yourself instead of being obsessed with taking photos of yourself to prove you were standing there? Bah, humbug!

  5. Harce says:

    Lots of socialism in France.

  6. Duncan Cameron says:

    The word Paris evokes for me a sidewalk café near Saint Germain de Près

  7. Dwayne says:

    Susan: Hope you and your daughter have a safe trip and have fun in Paris.

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