It’s been one of those days…

Ms Soapbox’s plane got in late last night.  It got wedged behind another plane in Victoria and was blocked from the gate by a giant snowbank in Calgary.  On the bright side Mr Soapbox got us home in one piece.  (Good man!)

Then the boiler died.

Ms Soapbox has lots to say but she’s distracted and will post tomorrow.

Have a good Sunday!

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11 Responses to It’s been one of those days…

  1. Amiga; notwithstanding the challenges on the journey – you managed to get home reasonable safe and in one piece – I am glad for you and your spouse. Abrazos gentiles | LCA

  2. ed henderson says:

    Welcome to the “It’s been one of those days” club.

  3. helluva66 says:

    I hope your boiler is on the boil again. Not the best time for it to fail.

  4. Carlos Beca says:

    There is no doubt that legally BC does not have a case and I am sure that the premier absolutely knows it.
    Morally and ethically Rachel Notley does not have a leg to stand on and she also knows that absolutely.
    This is not an easy issue but certainly it is a great opportunity to slowly get out of our addiction to oil money. The problem is that we do not make those decisions. The oil companies want all the profits they can suck including part of our royalties and subsidy money and they know quite well Alberta is the place to be. We are very nice people.
    Instead of increasing production we should definitely hold the line and get the revenues we deserve as owners of the oil. Stop subsidies to the oil companies and get the royalties that any non banana republic gets. It is about time we stop being the jokers of the Oil World.
    Jason Kenney does not have a clue and never will. He is in the business of protecting the interests of those that protect his which of course are not the people of Alberta.

  5. Carlos I have a feeling we’ll be talking about the role of oil in our economy until the oil companies finally decide it’s no longer profitable to do business in Alberta. When they go we’ll learn how to truly diversify the economy. Notley is doing what she can to get us ready for that day, but Kenney undermines her every step of the way. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment that Kenney doesn’t have a clue. I used to worry that he’d drag us back to the days of Ralph Klein, but based on some of the people he’s attracting on social media I’m beginning to think he’ll drag us right back to the Dark Ages.

  6. Carlos Beca says:

    Not sure how this post ended up here 🙂
    It was created on the new entry you have about KM

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