Stay tuned…

Ms Soapbox spent the afternoon in an overheated community hall listening to Jason Kenney (UCP), Dr Philip van der Merwe (NDP), Romy Titte (Green Party), Wayne Leslie (Independent), and David Khan (Liberal) tell us why they were the best candidate to represent the good citizens of Calgary-Lougheed in the upcoming by-election.

She’s exhausted.

Stay tuned for details tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Stay tuned…

  1. Ed Henderson says:

    I hope you are OK. I never went, it was a nice day and I am well rested. I can’t imagine why you would punish yourself that way. There’s so much bafflegas emitted at those things you could have ended up in the ER.

  2. Ed, you’re absolutely right about the bafflegas. What astounded me was the way Kenney would say something that a simple Google search would show was absolutely false. Amazing.

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