Susan on the Soapbox Wins a Clawbie!

As some of you may know, Susan on the Soapbox was nominated for a Clawbie (the Canadian Law Blog Awards) by ABlawg, an excellent law blog produced by my alma mater, the University of Calgary law school.

This morning while I was cleaning out the basement, I learned that the Soapbox had won a Clawbie for the Best Non-Legal Audience Blog.  Here’s what the judges said:

Susan On The Soapbox, written by Calgary lawyer Susan Wright, [is] another blog that takes a strong position on issues of public policy and delivers rousing attacks on (or defences of) corporate and political maneuvers in Alberta and across the country… Susan On The Soapbox will not be everyone’s cup of tea politically; but blogs like this deserve to be singled out for their passion, dedication, and most importantly, their interest in enlightening their readers and advocating their positions, which ultimately is what lawyer blogs should do.


OK, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’d like to congratulate ABlawg who won the Clawbie for the best Law School/Law Professor Blog second year in a row.  Here’s what the judges said:

No other Canadian law blog received as many nominations as this one, many of them from practicing lawyers who find ABlawg’s updates and insights highly valuable. This is not just the best academic law blog in Canada, a category that is very difficult to win; it’s one of the best law blogs around, period.

I can’t tell you how delighted I am to share the virtual podium with ABlawg and the other winners who can be found here.

Thank you Soapbox readers and commentators for your passion and support.  I’m so glad you’re by my side.

(Now if I could just figure out how to attach that Clawbie badge thingy to the Soapbox, everything would be perfect).

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33 Responses to Susan on the Soapbox Wins a Clawbie!

  1. joan jett says:

    Congratulations Susan! Well deserved. I have been so enlightened by your Blog so thank you for making me want to be aware of the issues And allowing me to share on the blog.

  2. very good, congratulations, well deserved. I have followed Susan on the soapbox since its inauguration and find it very enlightening. I am not a professional person but often think of my brother (John MacPherson, QC –partner in the firm of Milt Harradence) and some of his insights of the going’s on in Alberta and particularly Calgary up to 1986 when he met his demise in a auto accident. A happy new year to all and the best for 2014.

  3. djharrigan says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved.

  4. Ted Woynillowicz says:

    Congratulations, Susan. You set the standard for how blogs should be written.

  5. Linda M says:

    Congratulations Susan!

  6. Liz A. says:

    Congratulations Susan… is so well deserved! Your blog can be relied upon for giving its readers the unvarnished truth. (I mean that in the most complimentary way!)

  7. Carlos Beca says:

    Congratulations Susan. Very well deserved. The only blog I know that always replies to the comments making it a great conversation. Without any doubt a very important blog in our province. Thank you for allowing me to participate.
    Happy New year and again congratulations.

    • Carlos, you’re very welcome. I truly enjoy our conversations. You always bring an interesting perspective or suggest an important link that adds to the discussion. Have a Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to continuing our conversation next year (which would be about 3 hours from now). 🙂

  8. Mare says:

    This news just thrilled me. I have been so grateful to you, Susan, for helping me understand complex documents, reports, commentary, etc. about issues and policies that are so important to all Albertans & Canadians. Thankfully, you also manage to write with an entertaining tone that keeps me focused. I’m distracted easily, so that says a lot 🙂 Thanks for all the time and energy you put into enlightening an ever increasing number of readers and congratulations for this honour and recognition.

    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year and may 2014 bring us all positive change!

    • Thanks Mare! I’m always grateful when readers push past the headline (especially if it contains the word “Bill”) to read the story behind it. And I admit finding a hook to keep them interested can be a challenge. I have a little notepad on my bedside table filled with “brilliant” ideas that turn out to be considerably less brilliant in the cold light of day!

  9. Julie Ali says:


    This is so neat.
    I am so happy for you.
    As for your readers, they are all very grateful you are here to clarify the legalities of every single anti-democratic law that is being pushed through at the provincial and federal levels of government.

    It is terrifying to speak out as Jessica Ernst has told us all.
    Yes, it is.
    But if more and more ordinary Albertans speak, like yourself speak out –then maybe we can make change happen in Alberta.
    This change cannot happen if we do not understand the laws that are being enacted and as we have an accretion of successive pieces of legislation— we are further and further behind in our understanding of what is being done in Alberta— which to this citizen—feels very much like a takeover our democracy.
    It is very helpful to have a writer with the legal background and writing expertise—to explain to ordinary citizens like myself—the intricacies of the plot and the failures in the democratic process. I must admit it can be overwhelming to go through the legalese, the Hansard record, and the political spin to determine what the heck is going on in government.

    I wish you and yours the best in the new year!


    • Thank you Julie. I read your blog and know that you log the time to understand the issues and explain them to the rest of us–in a very creative way. I was thinking about Jessica Ernst when I wrote the post about CNRL. It is so difficult for ordinary Albertans to voice their concerns and be heard. The mainstream media is hopeless. Fortunately social media is becoming more and more effective. I don’t think the PCs and industry won’t be able to avoid the kleig light that’s shining on them for much longer. So it’s onward and upward to make Alberta a better place!

  10. Ian Holloway says:

    Dear Susan,

    And special congratulations from all of us at the law school. We’re proud of you – and of our connection with you.

    All the best for 2014. I love the blog!


    Dr Ian Holloway QC
    Professor and Dean of Law
    The University of Calgary

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thank you Ian! Can I tell you a secret? The fact that ABlawg, the best law blog ever, nominated the Soapbox for a Clawbie was more important to me than actually winning (don’t tell the Clawbie people).

      All the best to you, the faculty and the students at the law school.

  11. Liane Sharkey says:

    Susan, you may not know how to attach a Clawbie thingie but I clearly can’t attach a comment! I did submit one yesterday but it went to the clouds – so will repeat here my congratulations from Ontario! A well deserved honour for you and it underlines the importance of speaking out and of how our votes do really count!! (Now let me try again to post this……)

    • Eureka! Your comment made it through the PEBKAC (an IT phrase meaning “problem exists between keyboard and chair” :). And yes, we will speak out and continue to speak out until we move mountains! Thanks Liane.

  12. Roy Wright says:

    What a heck of a way to finish off the year. Congratulations, as I know you worked so very hard in the research, writing and the logic of every one of your blogs and subsequent responses to writers. I look forward to the 2014 targets and enlightenments (not to mention the debates around the kitchen table).

  13. David Watson says:

    Congratulations! Very much deserved. Don’t agree with you every time but your research and writing makes the blog a treat to read. I am completely hooked on it now. All the best to you and Mr. Soapbox for 2014.

    • What?? We don’t agree 100% of the time? Just kidding. That’s why it’s called a “dialogue”: a conversation between two of more people that lets them share their ideas…ahem, Ms Redford, did you catch that?

  14. Elaine Fleming says:

    I am so glad you are getting this recognition! I always appreciate the information you provide through your legal knowledge and research, as well as your humour and courtesy. And, this is such a great vehicle for reading what other people think about important issues in our province. Is this CLAWBIE something you can wear? That would be COOL!

    • Elaine, I love the quality of the commentary on this blog. So many bright people with such diverse perspectives. Now about wearing the Clawbie…baby steps. First I get it pasted to the blog, then we’ll see! 🙂

  15. Lunelle says:

    Susan, Congratulations on the CLAWBIE!!!! One word that’s been used here to describe your blog is enlightening. I couldn’t agree more!!!!! I have learned so much about what our provincial PC government is doing that never makes the mainstream news, and the background who’s who and whodunnit! I am sure you put in many hours of research to provide your readers with the facts!!! I know the small amount of research I have done lately has been very time consuming….Thankyou so much!!!!!! As you know, I am a fairly new reader, but I always look forward to your posts, as well as the replies! Enjoy the glow of this recognition!!!! You have earned it!!!!! Keep up the incredible job!!!!!! I’m so glad I was introduced to your blog!!!!!

    • Lunelle, thank you so much! Yes, the research takes some time, but having worked in the oil, gas, pipeline and petrochemicals industries really helps me cut through the malarkey. Many people outside of government or big business are afraid to ask “Why?” when an industry executive or government minister says: “We need to do X or else the world will fall apart.” More often than not, the reason a decision in energy, healthcare, education, etc, doesn’t make sense is because it’s not sensible. So keep posting those comments and additional information, the more we know the more effective we’ll be in tackling these abuses of public trust. (And look…I got my daughter to help me post that Clawbie badge…hopefully it will stay posted!)

  16. Delphine says:

    Susan CONGRATULATIONS on your Clawbie award. As others have said it is so well deserved that you take the time to research and write your blogs in order that us lay people can join the discussion. Personally it allows me to keep abreast of the politics of Alberta and the happenings in the Alberta healthcare system – you certainly provide tremendously useful and insightful info to the non-resident! Thanks for keeping us informed – there is no reason why people should not be aware or make informed decisions at the ballot box.
    Best to you and your Soapbox family for 2014 – hope to see you in 2014.

    • Delphine, thank you! I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately as I’ve read about the political unrest in Thailand. While I don’t understand your situation as well as I should, it serves as a reminder that we must exercise our right to vote wisely. All the very best to you and your family in 2014. The Soapbox family (or at least some of us) is hoping to make it to your part of the world soon. Take care my friend.

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