*hack hack cough cough*

Susan on the Soapbox is sick.  Stay tuned.     

Professor Matthew Hay ... assailed by the furi...

Professor Matthew Hay … assailed by the furies of typhoid, measles, influenza, whooping cough and scarlet fever (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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14 Responses to *hack hack cough cough*

  1. GoinFawr says:

    My friends in microbiology tell me the best way to treat a cold is to bury yourself in a mountain of blankets, down a 26 of single malt whiskey, and Robert will be your father’s brother. Hey, with the way things are going, this regimen may soon be the extent of healthcare readily accessible to the average Albertan suffering any ailment, so you might as well get your body acclimatized to the practice.

    Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future results.

    Seriously though Susan: get well soon.

  2. Susan:
    it sounds like that cough you had on Tuesday has invaded you, and taken up residence. I hope you are resting, and allowing Mr Soapbox, and the Junior Soapboxes to look after you. I wish you a very speedy recovery.

  3. Just getting over that malady myself Susan and have found STREPSILS (honey and lemon) is very good.

  4. roy wright says:

    It is quite unusal for Mrs. Soapbox to succumb to a nasty cold, but this one is a beauty. I suspect being on three airplanes in the last three days has not helped her, but I suspect the few hundred fellow travellers are also wondering who may of infected them. Perhaps we need to change her moniker to Typhoid Mary. Meanwhile rations of soup, drugs and kleenex are being wheelbarrowed in.

  5. Carlos Beca says:

    Gosh I laughed with that Typhoid Mary – Love it. That is what I am going to use from now on.

    Planes are now the best places to get sick and big time.
    I think Susan just got sick of the political football. I am glad BC seems to want the trophy though.

    Get well Susan and fast.


  6. Thank you All for your kind comments and helpful suggestions. Thus far I’ve ascertained that I got this bug from Kirsten (yes, it was you!), it took hold on Tuesday as Sheila says, by Thursday I was in big trouble and resorted to the age old remedy of hanging one’s towel-draped head over a pot of boiling water (not bad actually), then yak yak yakked with my family all weekend, and Bob’s your uncle I succumbed. Mr Soapbox is indeed bringing in truckloads of supplies (he substituted Halls for Strepsils) and picked up Salmon Fishing in the Yemen so I’m good for the short term.

    Now all of you people take care of yourselves so we can launch into “all things political” next weekend!
    PS suggestions on increasing the likelihood of speedy recovery are gratefully accepted.
    PPS My dad’s version of Goinfawr’s remedy involves a shot of Drambuie
    PPPS the political scene in BC is appalling!

  7. Liz A. says:

    Get well soon, Susan. I’ve missed your astute commentary!

  8. Rose Marie MacKenzie-Kirkwood says:

    Hang in there girl we know it will take more than a little “bug” to push Susan off her Soapbox. FYI I’m still germ free over here.

  9. malasande says:

    Susan, take care of yourself (it sounds like Mr. Soapbox is doing a good job). I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, it is extremely informative.

    My late husband’s favorite remedy for a bad cold was hot rum toddy’s. Except for the time he imbibed in the toddy’s, took medication as well and broke out in a very interesting rash. Fortunately he got better very quickly.

  10. Julie Ali says:

    I’m sorry to hear you are sick Susan.

    Mr. Soapbox might add chocolate to the list of items he is provisioning for you — that cure bacterial and viral infections that seem to be endemic in children (the boys are carriers of a host of infectious particles that they acquire by mysterious means).

    Usually I put the boys to bed and they recover. I use chicken noodle soup when things are desperate.
    I also find a continual infusion of chocolate (by IV drip) is a wonderful remedy for childish ailments that incapacitates them (and has the added benefit of silencing their whimpers).

    I don’t want to seem demanding but heck can’t you write something for us–maybe a short poem about your suffering–to at least to keep us going while you are mortally ill?

    If you absolutely can’t write any sort of a post then maybe Mr. Soapbox can write a few tender updates on your medical condition (fever, palpitations, inertia)?

    Get well soon!

  11. Carol Wodak says:

    Dear, Susan, all fingers crossed etc for your quick return to full health! Miss you.

  12. You guys are wonderful! I’m now crawling out of my sick bed to see what remedies and good cheer await me on the Soapbox. I love Julie’s idea of infusions of chocolate and will get Mr Soapbox right on it, perhaps with a hot rum toddy as suggested by malasande. Carol and Liz, I’m following your comments on Carewatch and WCPH (would hate to fall behind). Rose, was that a nyah nyah? (little sisters, what can you do with them!) OK back to bed…need to conserve my strength so that I don’t pop a blood vessel tomorrow when the PCs drop their “mean and lean” budget on unsuspecting Albertans.
    PS readers in search of a creative approach to politics and poetry can check out Julie’s blog at http://readingchildrensbooks.blogspot.ca/

  13. Carlos Beca says:

    “At this key juncture, I hope the people of Venezuela can now build for themselves a better, brighter future based on the principles of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights,”

    Susan I hope that you are doing WAY better today. You will need the strength for the budget impact this afternoon. Such a secret document it makes me feel like I am in Jurassic park hmmm 3D.

    Well the sentence above is from our Supreme Leader Harper, you know the Democrat. The guy who does not allow scientists to talk. You know the guy who does not allow any of his ministers to say anything to the public without his censorship. Yes that person, he is now hoping Venezuelans get more democracy with the death of their president. Imagine the reaction here if Hugo Chavez said that when Harper dies, Canadians are going to find out more about science! It would be interesting.
    Oh well that is it for now as I do not want to make you sicker with my rants.
    Funny world it is.
    By the way I had nightmares last night thinking of the other brain Honorable Baird you, know the Foreign Affairs minister. He threatened the Palestinians. Wow can you imagine the fear! I was terrified I could not sleep all night.

    Miss your comments.

    • Carlos, I watched Finance Minister roll out the budget yesterday and am in a state of shock (not a good thing when you’re suffering from the flu). I’m still reeling from what the PCs have done, but what disturbs me the most is the self-satisfied looks on all their faces after Mr Horner finished his speech. What’s wrong with these people? Have they no idea of what they’ve done to our youth, our seniors, healthcare, education, the environment? It boggles the mind. I will stoke up on hot tea, throat lozenges, (rum maybe?) and post something about the budget on Sunday. It may not be brilliant but at least it will give everyone a platform to post their own views.
      PS Thanks for your good wishes and humorous insights into Mr Baird.

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