Why we’re here

The purpose of this blog is to share information about the health care system so that we can become effective advocates for change.  I intend to post everything I can find on this topic.   A good place to start is the letter that ignited this issue when it was leaked to the press—the letter from Dr. Paul Parks to Health Minister Zwozdesky.  It’s attached here.  Dr. Parks summarizes the problem in one sentence:  “The severity of the ongoing emergency department/system overcrowding cannot be understated:  currently our provincial urban EDs (Emergency Departments) have more than 50% of their acute care beds occupied and blocked, on a 24/7 basis, by EIPs (admitted Emergency In-Patients).”  He argues eloquently for immediate intervention on the part of the Government in order to avert the “catastrophic collapse” of the emergency care delivery system.

So what has the Government said in response?  Health Minister Zwozdesky talks about a 5 year funding commitment and a 5 year action plan.  He also refers to a 4 prong health care plan.  Sounds impressive, but what does this really mean.  I intend to track down these documents and post them.  While I’m at it I want to find out more about the Superboard, who are the board members, what is their experience and compensation?  In addition, we all know that the Conservative Party held its annual convention last weekend.  They debated and passed a number of resolutions—did they pass any health care resolutions, if so what were they?

These are questions I want answered.  What do you want to know?

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2 Responses to Why we’re here

  1. Sheila O'Brien says:

    I’d really like to understand how we fare in Aberta compared to other jurisdictions that are similar in size and demographics. That may be a tall order, but I really dont understand where our system fits in the universe of publicly funded programs, and how our outcomes compare.
    Thank you for taking this on.


    • Sheila: good suggestion. I’ve talked to a number of people who’ve asked the same thing and will add this to the list of “Things We Need to Know”. This may be a daunting task but I’ve started collecting information (and people who can point me in the right direction). My MLA has been surprisingly helpful. More on that tomorrow.

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