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Kenney’s Leadership Review: The Bedlam Continues

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold” – The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats It’s been a long time coming, but it will be over eventually, not on Apr 9 and not necessarily on May 18, but eventually. And … Continue reading

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Short Break

Given world events it’s become a little more difficult to focus on those squawking about their freedoms being trampled and not getting a fair deal from Ottawa. So Ms Soapbox is taking a short break. Talk to you in 2 … Continue reading

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Ukraine Under Attack

My parents fled Hungary in 1950. They met on the boat coming over to Canada and were married a couple of years later. I’m a first generation Canadian. Ever so grateful to have been born here. I can’t write about … Continue reading

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A Traffic Ticket and a Phone Call

On Feb 25, 2022, Premier Kenney issued a misleading press release setting out his rationale for a Cabinet shuffle. Two cabinet ministers, who should have been (back) benched a long time ago, will swap ministries.   Kaycee Madu will “step … Continue reading

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Jason Kenney Reacts to the Emergencies Act

“We needed to see it to believe it.”—Ottawa resident talking about police clearing out Ottawa’s downtown core after 22 days of occupation. Our trust in government was at such an all-time low that when the Federal government invoked the Emergencies … Continue reading

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Quick comment on the Illegal Occupation & Blockades

Ms Soapbox is under the weather, as such there will be no blog post today. I expect to be fully functional next week, at least physically. It will take longer than that to restore my mental equilibrium given the ongoing … Continue reading

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Kenney and the Coutts Blockade Public Health Strategy  

In the week of Feb 7, 2022, we expect Jason Kenney to cave to a band of anti-everything protesters staging an illegal blockade at Coutts, Alberta and start lifting public health restrictions. This decision came about at lightning speed considering … Continue reading

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Kenney Condemns (sort of) the Actions of the Freedom Convoy

I didn’t want to write about the Freedom Convoy, aka the yahoos who converged on Ottawa to protest the federal government’s truckers vaccine mandate (and everything else covid related) and created a blockade around Edmonton’s Legislative buildings and blocked the … Continue reading

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A Kenney Style Fireside Chat  

On radio, [Franklin D Roosevelt} was able to quell rumors, counter conservative-dominated newspapers and explain his policies directly to the American people. His tone and demeanor communicated self-assurance during times of despair and uncertainty.—Wikipedia Roosevelt used radio, a “nascent media … Continue reading

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The Kids Go Back to School (it’s a matter of “balance”)  

“We’re on the cusp of a generational catastrophe. We need to prioritise children. And yet, for some reason, children are never prioritised. They’re the afterthought of a pandemic.” – Dr Tracey Vaillancourt, Chair, COVID-19 Task Force, Royal Society of Canada … Continue reading

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