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Five Resolutions for Rachel Notley

Ms Soapbox’s first round of New Year’s resolutions for a politician (Alison Redford) were ignored, but she’s a persistent soul and will try again. This time she’s prepared five resolutions for Premier Rachel Notley. Stay the course on your climate … Continue reading

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Allison Redford’s New Years Resolutions

The only thing more irritating than your own New Year’s resolutions are those made for you by someone else.  Nevertheless, I’ve created 10 New Year’s resolutions for Alison Redford.  Hey, she’s busy preparing for the spring election, I’m sure she’ll … Continue reading

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Jason Kenney: When a Dog Whistler Loses Control of the Dogs

Ever wonder what happens when a dog whistler loses control of the dogs?* Jason Kenney is beginning to discover that his supporters are way ahead of him on his “conservative values” ideology and it’s going to be hard to rein … Continue reading

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Handmaids For Kenney Attend The UCP Policy Convention

This would be funny in the ironic ha-ha sense if it wasn’t so damned serious. While the rest of us were watching UCP members debate policy resolutions in a conference hall in Red Deer, Handmaids for Kenney stood silently outside … Continue reading

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The 2017 List

Last year Ms Soapbox made a list of New Year’s resolutions for Rachel Notley. Happily, Ms Notley delivered on the list, with the exception of resolution #4 (Ms Soapbox failed to anticipate the arrival of Jason Kenney on the political … Continue reading

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Why we’re here

The purpose of this blog is to share information about the health care system so that we can become effective advocates for change.  I intend to post everything I can find on this topic.   A good place to start is … Continue reading

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